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General Thieu was the president of South Vietnam after Diem was killed.

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Who was the president of north Vietnam at the time also who was the president of south Vietnam what happened to the president of south Vietnam and who replaced him as leader?

ANSWER Ho Chi Minh was the president of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War his original name was Nguyen Tat. Diem was the president of South Vietnam. Diem was assassinated Nguyen Van Thien was the president of South Vietnam after him.

Who killed more people the north or south in the Vietnam war?

The south killed about 1.3 million NVA and Vietcong Forces The South also listed 225,000 ARVN causalities and 58,000 US forces KIA or MIA

What country occupied Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

No nation occupied anybody during Vietnam. Vietnam was a war of body counts; who killed the most men won. Northerners lived in the North; Southerners lived in the South. US & allies also lived thru-out the South; for about 15 years and then left in 1975.

President Nixon's policy on Vietnam placed emphasis on what?

Vietnamization was the policy of leaving Vietnam, but leaving slow enough to where the South Vietnamese Army would have time to adjust. In hindsight, Vietnamization got the U.S out of Vietnam, but also caused Vietnam to fall to the Communists.

What event brought the US to the Vietnam war?

The "Tonkin Incident," where a Vietnamese boat fired at a U.S. battleship in the Gulf of Tonkin. Because of the attack, congress gave the president the power to help South Vietnam defend itself against the communist North Vietnam. We were also obligated to assist the defense of South Vietnam from the North through our membership in the South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO).

Did US support the Vietnam war?

U.S. Navy conducted surveillance missions along the coast of North Vietnam. The government also supplied and trained South Vietnam for war. The U.S.A supported south Vietnam

What is the country divided in to?

North Korea and south Korea and also North and South Vietnam

What countries invaded Vietnam?

If you're referring to the Vietnam War, then the war was mainly fought between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. North Vietnam was communist, and was supported by the Soviet Union, China, and Cuba. South Vietnam was capitalist, and was supported by the United States, Australia, the Philippines, and South Korea. Vietnam was also invaded and conquered, then colonized, by France in the 1800s.

How many American soldiers were killed in the Vietnam War and how many were women?

Of the more than 58,000 American soldier killed during the Vietnam War, eight were women. Sixty American female civilians were also killed.

Who fought with the US in the Vietnam War?

South Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, France , India, Canada, and Spain also fought

Which president fought in Vietnam?

All US Presidents during the Vietnam War were WWII veterans; the closest US President today (post Vietnam) that comes close to serving in Vietnam was President George Bush Jr. He flew F-102 Delta Daggers with the Texas Air National Guard; a jet that also fought in the Vietnam War...of which about 14 F-102's were lost, one being shot down a NVAF MiG-21 interceptor. Although Bush Jr. did not deploy to South Vietnam, he could've, and his aircraft did fight there.

How can Vietnam visa help people?

A Vietnam visa will only help travelers who are visiting Vietnam. It is also worth remembering that Vietnam is divided. Check that the visa you have is for the right country, either North Vietnam or South Vietnam.

Why did president Johnson think the US had to fight in the Vietnam war?

Johnson felt the threat of Communism overtaking all of Vietnam could grow into a more powerful hold throughout Asia eventually. Therefore, stopping Communist encroachment in South Vietnam was, to him, a very dangerous threat that had to be stopped. Also, we were members of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), and as such promised to defend South Vietnam against outside attacks.

What two countries was involved in Vietnam war?

North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Also, to name just a few: the USA, China, Russia, South Korea, Australia, France, and England. A great many countries fought in the Vietnam War from 1945 to 1975.

In the Vietnam war was the US helping north Vietnam or south Vietnam?

The US was supporting South Vietnam. The US opposed the communist North Vietnam, which was led by Ho Chi Minh. South Vietnam was ruled by President Diem (pronounced like Z-M) who was later assassinated by South Vietnam rebels.The people of South Vietnam rebelled against Diem because he was Catholic and tried to change the people's religion form Buddhism to Catholicism. Kennedy and everyone saw the pictures of the Buddhist monks setting themselves on fire and it leaked out that the US favored a coup (pronounced like coo) and the takeover by other officials led to the assassination of Diem.Kennedy also funded a CIA operation which encouraged the overthrow, and indirectly ended in Diem's assassination.

Who would recommend Andrew Johnson for president?

Only people who are racist. He was the biggest open racist known to the South. He also was never elected, he ran with Lincoln as a vice president. Lincoln did not like him but he decided to run with him to get the South to vote for him. He succeeded licoln when Lincoln was killed.

What does RVN stand for?

The Republic of Vietnam - RVN - (also known as South Vietnam), was formed by the Geneva Conference in 1954, and was dissolved and merged into the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1975.

Which US President first authorized American intervention in Vietnam?

Eisenhower laid the groundwork for U.S. involvement in Vietnam with the Eisenhower Doctrine, which proclaimed that, when it came to the Middle East, the U.S. would be "prepared to use armed force...[to counter] aggression from any country controlled by international communism." Eisenhower was also the first president to send economic and military aid to South Vietnam. Kennedy followed in Eisenhower's footsteps by gradually increasing the amount of enonomic and military aid sent to South Vietnam. And it was Johnson who first sent large numbers of American ground troops to fight in Vietnam.

Does South Africa have a president?

Yes. South Africa has a president. South Africa also used to have a Prime Minister, but this position was abolished in 1984.

What two sides fought in the Vietnam war?

there was a number of diffrent countries who fought in the Vietnam war. the "allied" forces consited of: Australia, America, New Zeland, South Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and South Korea. the "axis" forces consited of: north Vietnam backed by Soviet Russia and Soviet China. also the Viet Kong who were in south Vietnam unfortunetly the north conquered

Who was the Vietnam war beyween?

The Vietnam War (1955-1975) was primarily fought between South Vietnam (ARVN) and the United States versus North Vietnam (NVA) and the Viet Cong. South Vietnam and the U.S. also had help from Australia, South Korea, and others, while the NVA and the Viet Cong had materiel support from the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China.

What location did the Vietnam war occur?

In Vietnam, which is a medium-sized country to the south of China. Vietnam was divided into two countries, North Vietnam, which was Communist, and South Vietnam, which was a highly unstable Capitalist dictatorship. The worst of the fighting happened down at the southern end and involved the Americans and communist rebels in the south, who were known as the Viet Cong. There was also plenty of fighting on the border.

Was the US Allies with Vietnam?

Yes, of course. The US Allies was with South Vietnam since 1975. Also some country else as South Korea, ThaiLand, PhiLipphin, Autralias, etc.

Who faught in Vietnam?

The Vietnam war is also called the Second Indochina War. The war was fought by between North Vietnam who were supported by China and Soviet Union and South Vietnam which was supported by the United States.

How many marines fought in Vietnam?

Take it you mean US Marines? There were South Viet & South Korean (ROK) marines in country also. 391,000 US Marines served in South Vietnam, nearly 15,000 of them died there.

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