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could be a short or a parasitic drain in the electrical system... to little info to tell what it is. could be bad earth from battery

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Why will your 1994 Jeep Cherokee will completely lose power but will restart?

Just had this happen to me except mine was a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport. All it wound up being was the battery. Once I replaced it, it worked great. Don't worry, I thought the same thing you were. How is the Jeep able to restart if the battery is dead? My mechanic told me it's because it's drawing it's power from the alternator. My alternator was working great but it was the battery that wasn't holding the charge. Hope this is the same with you.

What happens if your alternator doesn't work?

It will seem like it is your battery. It may start at first but eventually will die and you will attempt to use jumper cables to restart it but as soon as you disconnect the cables it will die again. The only fix is to replace the alternator , when i replaced the one in my truck i did it myself for about 140.00 If this helped please recommend :>)

Why did Geo tracker quit running while sitting at light. It will not restart. It cranks but doesn't start?

It could be the battery, or it could be the alternator! I had this problem with 2 vehicles I had! It will keep trying to turn over, but, if the alternator is bad, it will just keep draining the juice from your battery.Have a mechanic check how many amps the alternator is putting out. If weak it needs to be replaced. Loren J.

Was driving on the freeway when my van died and wouldn't restart battery is fine put a new alternator in 4 months ago any ideas?


What would make my viechle die as driving down road and not restart?

The engine needs fuel, compression and spark to run. You are missing one of those. If there were not any warnings then I would lean towards a fuel flow problem. Also could be an electrical problem with the battery or alternator.

Why does 1997 buick park ave go dead while driving or stopped at a light dashboard flickers and goes dead wont restart for 5 to 6 minutes?

Since it is shutting down while it is running that tells me your alternator is not putting out enough current and needs replaced. You will need to charge the battery fully prior to starting after installing the new alternator or you could burn out the new alternator as well. I.King

Will disconnecting the battery on a passat and letting it sit restart?

No it will not restart

How do you restart a phone?

take out the battery or press the restart button

Why will your car start and run for a while then die for a couple of days then restart?

The best way to check your vehicle for any faults like that when you start your car if it does or jump it then disconnect the negative off the battery and if vehicle dies then alternator needs to be replaced if not then check your battery acid fluids if its low replace them, if the battery doesnt have the acid fluid check slots on it then you can take it to napa or other schucks or something and they check batterys for you free of charge.

Why did your 98 breeze stop running after idling for 5 min then wont restart?

Start by check for: Empty fuel tank. Bad alternator and discharged battery. Broken timing belt.

How do you restart a sidekick slide?

take the battery out : )

How do you restart a blackberry phone?

take out the battery

What does a car alternator do?

An alternator provides electrical power to your automobile when it is running. It recharges the battery, which allows the engine to be turned on. It also provides electricity to run all the electronic features of your car.

What is wrong with your 92 Geo Prizm Lsi if battery light is on but the car starts in the morning but as soon as you turn it off and try to restart it is dead for two days in a row?

Have someone check the charging system and the battery. You can usually get this done for free. We had continual problems with the lights (brake and battery) on my daughter's 1992 Geo Prism. My husband replaced the alternator but the lights kept coming on so we replaced the battery. The car died one day so we had someone check the charging system. It turned out to be a bad alternator to begin with. My husband put in a new alternator and now it is working fine. This happened to me once, as well. It turns out that I had a bad alternator. Probably a starter going bad. Mine went bad and if I let the engine cool down completely (poured cold water on it and then tapped on the starter with a wrench) it would start up again. As a starter goes bad it won't work when it is hot. Tapping on the starter with the angled crank from the jack in the trunck helped me to make it home until I could get the starter replaced. Similar thing happened to me. Turned out my starter was bad and I replaced it. No problems now in over a year.

Why computer changes date and time during restart computer?

If that is happening, the battery on the motherboard in the computer is either dead or not properly connected. The battery can be replaced provided the right type. They are cell batteries which are similarly used in wrist watches.

What would cause a 1993 Geo Metro to always die even though the fuses are fine and there is a new alternator and the battery is fine?

does it restart right away? My '96 would run fine for a day or 2 then bam, stalls.. no start. no run. turned out being something in the throttle body. I just replaced the whole thing.

Why your car continue lose power even if they jumpstarted you when you switch it off it does not want to start?

The alternator is probably not working so you are running only on battery power. As the battery drains the engine loses power and will not restart if you shut it off. Have your local auto parts store test the charging system and the battery.

Why would a car stall then show no power to try and restart?

Bad alternator?

When you activate the power window switch on your 1998 Oldsmobile 88 your car stalls and will not restart for several hours what could be wrong?

The battery and charging system needs to be tested. It sounds to me that the alternator is not doing its job.

Why does the Battery Light and the brake light go on at the same time on a 2003 Kia Sedona?

Weird electrical problems tooHa! I just had this happen yesterday! Well, today my car died in traffic and wouldn't restart or even turn over. It's in the shop as I type, and they are telling me it's the alternator. I'm not sure I believe them. Why would that cause weird lights to come on? Other conditions: hot weather, A/C on. We also replaced the original mfr's battery about a month ago, and I now wonder if that was related to the alternator or whatever problem is causing current issues.Well....... They are most likely correct on the alternator. I just placed my 4th alternator on my 02 Sedona.When they go and the battery is getting low. weird things happen with the electrical system. Also when the battery light comes on, it also has the brake light come on as well. I just finally went on line and purchased a go OEM alternator by USA Alternator and it finally fixed the problem.

Why wont your laptop restart?

Battery may be depleted.

How do you restart Ford Taurus after battery replacement?

It should restart normally after replacing the battery. If not, it could be a security mode the car has entered. You should question a ford dealership about it.

2002 focus zts will die and radio clock needs to be reset after you restart it also headlights dim when air compressor kicks in dealer says nothing is wrong help what can it be?

Sounds like a bad battery or a bad alternator that isn't charging. Do you know how to use a V-O-M? Get your local garage to run a battery test and alternator check, with his Engine Analyzer.

Why does a 1990 ford escort 1.6 not restart afterdrivingfor 20 mins until it cools down Replaced battery and starting motor?

sounds like your fuel pump is gettin hot

How do you restart a computer on a Mitsubishi eclipse 2000?

Simply unplug the battery and replace the cords to the battery!