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climatic zones that correspond with elevation

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What refers to a series of vertical zones with distinctive climate and vegetation regimes?

Altitudinal zonation is a series of vertical zones with distinct climate and vegetation. As you go up a mountain, the climate changes. As such, the plants and animal life differ by zone.

What is the adjective of climate?

"climatic" of course. Changes in climate are known as climatic changes.

What scientist studies changes in climate?

Climatologists study the climate, its causes and changes.

What type of map shows climate changes?

a weather map shows the climate changes.

How does the climate change in the sea?

it changes by how the weather is outside. Weather is what changes the climate in the sea

What are two adjectives describing cuba climate?

Hot and wet

What is two adjectives describing Africa's climate?

warm cold

A word to describe climate which has moist air?

A word describing climate with moist air is humid.Enjoy!

How does climate affect the urban climate?

the effect is that the climate changes into a cooler or warmer climate.

Do naturaal disasters affect the way the climate changes?

no, but climate changes affect natural disasters.

How is climate affected by location?

Climatology and the climate changes

What is the climate in a salt marsh?

the climate changes alot

How can changes in the size of a glacier indicate climate changes?


Is the word tropical a verb?

No, it is an adjective; describing nouns such as flowers or climate.

What happens when the climate changes in a place?

The climate is not the same as it was before.

What is seasons?

when the climate changes.

What are the three atmospheric conditions that describe climate?

Climatology and climate changes

What are climate changes linked to?

Global warming is causing climate change.

What climate is in pueto rico?

In Puerto Rico the climate is mostly dry in January. The climate changes. The climate is wet in December.

What is the summer climate in Ohio?

it changes

Climate regions vary with changes in elevation and?

With changes in elevation and latitude.

This type of map might show information about climate changes or population growth?

The one for the map about climate changes is called a climate map, while the map that shows information about population growth (or changes) is called a thematic map.

What is the climate like during the rainy season in the savannas?

The climate never changes

Has earths climate always been the same?

no the climate changes every day

What are long-term changes in climate?

Are changes that span long periods of time exceeding a few years. Climate changes that occur in less than a decade may be considered short-term changes.