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Am i straight?

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If your penis is not straight can it be straight?

if you dick isn't straight, can it be straight? if you dick isn't straight, can it be straight?

How straight is straight?

Perfectly. If not, it is not straight.

What if gay is straight and straight is gay?

THEN gay is straight and straight is gay

Is your straight friend gay?

No, your straight friend is straight.

How do you get your straight friend to have gay sex with you if you are straight?

Then you are not straight

When constructing a hexagon what shape is constructed first?

A straight line.A straight line.A straight line.A straight line.

Straight in Spanish?

Straight in spanish is LISTO which means straight

Does a straight with pairs beat a straight with no pairs?

You cannot have a straight with pairs.

What do you write to finish the simile as straight as an?

as straight as a ruler?as straight as an arrow

Does a natural straight beat a straight with wild cards in Poker?

No, a straight is a straight, meaning you would split the pot

What is the poker straight not same suit?

It is just called a straight. A straight of the same suit is called a a straight flush.

What does a straight angle makes?

A straight angle (180 degrees) makes a perfectly straight line. Any degree below 180 degrees (0-179 degrees) is NOT a straight angle NOR a straight line. straight angle = 180 degrees straight angle = straight line 180 degrees

What is a straight kick?

A Straight Kick is when you kick a ball & it goes straight. and it is where you kick a ball and it goes straight to where you need it to go.

How do you say straight in German?

Gerade (as in a straight line) hetero (as in I'm straight)

How do you write straight in syllables?

As "straight" is 1 syllable, it would simply be "straight".

Is Josh hutcherson straight?

he is mostly straight but he said that he wasn't 100% straight.

How do you be a straight guy?

you are born straight...

How is a straight formed?

its not straight its wonky!!!

What is an antonym of straight?

opposite of straight

Is Shakira straight or a lesbian?

She is straight

What did he call straight lines?


Is Diana straight?

Yes she is straight.

How does a straight angel look in math?

Not sure about straight angels, but a straight angle is simply a straight line which goes through the vertex.

Are all straight angles straight lines?

Think about this: A straight angle makes 180 degrees, right? Straight lines, when measured by a compass, are also 180 degrees. So, yes, all straight angles are straight lines.

Curly hair is recessive and straight hair is dominant A woman with curly hair marries a man who is homozygous dominant for straight hair. What are the outcomes for their children?

75% chance of having straight hair and 25 % chance having curly Alleles Curly (woman) Curly Straight Straight Straight (guy) Straight Straight Curly