Am i watching you?

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I can see your everymove you old fat guy

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Q: Am i watching you?
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Is your government watching you?

why is he watching me

How do you write 'watching' in french?

I am watching : je regarde while watching (participle): en regardant

Shadows watching watching every move you make watching that you are scared watching that you hurry to get into the sunlight?

Shadows watching? Are kidding me or something? That is a bull crap! Forget about it,dont even mind!

What is 'watching' in French?

to watch is "regarder" in French.I am watching = je regardewhile watching, ... = en regardant, ... (present participle)

What is a continuous verb?

The continuous tense has a verb phrase - be + present participle.Present contiuous = am/is/are + present I am watching TV. She is watching TV, They are watching TV.Past contiuous = was/were +present I was watching TV. She was watching TV. They were watching TV.

Is the word watching plural or singular?

The word 'watching' is the present participle of the verb to watch (I am watching, they are watching). The present participle of the verb is also an adjective (the watching crowd), and a gerund, a verbal noun. Gerunds are uncountable nouns.

Advantages of watching TV?

disatvantages of watching tv

How do you say watching in Spanish?

watching in spanish= viendo

Are people watching you?

Yes, they are watching you 24/7.

Is watching a noun?

No, watching is a present-tense verb.

What is kegan watching?

kegan is watching your mom....duhhh.

What is the present participle of watch?

watching. They are watching television.

How do you spell watching?

You just spelled it.

What is the example of present progressive tense?

Present progressive/continuous is formed with - am/is/are + present participle.I am watching youHe is watching youThey are watching you.

why am i crying watching tv?

Its normal to get emotional while watching sad/heartwarming tv shows.

Do you spell the word watching like this watching or like this whatching if either of them are not spelled wright then how do you spell it?

it is spelt: Watching:)

What is the collective noun of watching a match?

A crowd is the collective noun for people watching a match. You cannot have a collective noun of watching a match because watching is a verb, not a noun.

Recreational activities in colombia?

watching sharks watching sharks

What do you like about watching dancing?

i like watching hip dancind

Geico commercial somebodys watching you?

Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me

Am i watching you watching me?

Yes. Yes i am. Because i love u.

Is watching television a hobby?

Yes, television watching is a hobby.

What is a word to describe the attentive watching of something?

Answer - word to describe watchingTo watch attentively - to monitor. Watching attentively - monitor.

Who sings walking down the street watching ladies go by watching you?

The funk band, Slave, in their song 'Watching You' from 1981.

What do Americans gain by spending their leisure time watching television?

Americans are entertained by watching television. They really don't gain much from watching TV unless they are watching educational programing.