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Assuming you meant America's first law school, it was founded in Litchfield, Connecticut in 1784. The man who founded the school was Tapping Reeve.

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In which town in Connecticut was american's first law school founded in 1784?

in which town in connecticut was american's law school founded in 1784

In which town in Connecticut was America's first law school founded in 1784?


In which town in Connecticut was America first law school founded in 1784?


Where was America's first law school founded in 1784?

America's first law school was founded in 1784 in the town of Litchfield, CT. The largest enrollment of the school was in 1813, when there was an enrollment of 54 students.

In which town in Connecticut was Americas first law school founded in 1784?

Litchfield Law School, 1774 - 1833Litchfield, CT was home to the Litchfield Law School, the first Law School in America. It ceased to operate in 1883. Although the school building was first used in 1784, its founder, Tappin Reeve, began teaching law in his house - he called it the Litchfield Law School - in 1774 (before the Declaration of Independence, and even before the Boston Tea Party, in Dec of that year).For more information, see Related Questions, below.

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