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Q: Among England's North American colonies, which cultural feature is mostClosely associated with the New England colonies?
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Where were most of France's and Englands colonies?


Was known as the dutch wedge because it separated englands northern and southern colonies along north american coast?


King Charles II believed englands mercantile economy was threatened when?

the American colonies sold goods to other nations independently.

What was the impact of salutaty neglect on englands colonies?

The American colonies did not feel any loyalty to Britain. After centuries of controlling themselves, they did not feel that the British could step in and order them around.

Did englands power diminish during the 17th century?

No. The American colonies all started up then. And the Royal Navy was able to beat the Dutch.

What was NOT a feature of Englands Navigation Acts?

Ship-building in the colonies was outlawed.

Created the economic foundation for most of englands southern colonies?

Tobacco plantations.

The roots of the rebellion of Englands 13 colonies can be found in the 1600's?


What happen in 1620 of the New England Colonies?

the new englands colonies are now the places we have now like Connecticut ect.

What did king george want to change about englands way of dealing with tge colonies?

Tighten the economic and political control of the colonies

What did the colonies develop as a result of Englands policy of salutary neglect?

A desire for self-governement

The Navigation Laws said that goods carried to and from the colonies must to be carried on ships?


How did englands belief in mercantilism affect the colonies?

The colonies became strong by keeping strict control over its trade that's how the belief in mercantilsim affect the colonies.

As a result of Englands policy of salutary neglect the colonies developed a?

desire for fine british goods

What was the main purpose of the Declaration of Independence?

To remove the American colonies from British rule .

How did Bacon's Rebellion Challenge England's authority over its American colonies?

well, bacons rebbelion was a big step in our American history but, bacons rebellion challened englands authorirwr ove rits coloines because bacon was a retarted name.

Which colonies were part of the middle colonies that originated out of englands conquest of new Sweden and the new Netherlands in 1664?

Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts

Quakers Catholics religious tolerance flexible social structure are associated with what colonial North American region?

The Middle Colonies

The term Yankee was originally associated with what colonies?

the new England colonies

What was New Englands transportation in the 1700s?

Horse pulled caridges were the method of transportation in the New England colonies in 1700's.

What effet did the glourious revolution have on the American colonies?

what effect did the glorious revolutin have on the American colonies? what effect did the glorious revolutin have on the American colonies?

What effect did the success of the American Revolution have on France a it led to the execution of the Royal family b it caused the French colonies to break away from France?

the french wanted to help the us to break down Englands power which it worked

Were products associated with the New England colonies?

The New England colonies sold molasses. Some of the other products associated with the colonies were fish and lumber.

The American Revolution was fought by the American colonies in China?

The American Revolution was fought by the Americans and not the American colonies in China.

Early American colonies were controlled by who?

Early American colonies were controlled by England. There were 13 early American colonies and were settled in the 1600's.