Amy Winehouse

Amy winehouse new single?

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Lioness: Hidden Treasures Amy Winehouse, Last album

I believe her religion was a new one called coke worshipers

Never. Amy Winehouse was found dead in her north London flat on Saturday, 23 July, 2011.

I dunno what the hell u asking me for I mean no-one can look into the future can they u idiot ask someone from America du-brain

The Band is called The Asteroid Galaxy Tour. They are a Danish band. Ironically considering the date today, it was Amy Winehouse who heard a demo of theirs and brought them to attention on one of her tours.

(I've Had) The Time of My Life Billy Medley and Jennifer Warnes New Directions ValerieThe Zutons (Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse version) Dog Days Are Over Florence + The Machine

Cheryl Cole is currently more popular, as her new song "Call My Name" has become a hit single making her more popular than Amy Childs.

Amy Lyndon was born in New Rochelle, in New York, USA.

Justin timberlake has won 6 only one person won multiple grammys in 2008, it was Amy wine house. SHE WON: 1. new artist 2. song of the year (for her song rehab) 3. record of the year (for rehab) LIST OF ALL WINNERS: 1. female R&B performance: No ONE, Alicia Keys 2. New Artist: Amy Winehouse 3. Rock Album:Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, Foo Fighters 4.Compilation soundtrack album:LOVE, The Beatles 5. record of the year: rehab, AMy Winehouse 6. Country ALbum: these days, Vince Gill 7. SOng of the year: rehab, Amy Winehouse 8. Rap Album: Graduation, Kanye West 9. Rap/sung collaboration:Umbrella, Rihanna featuring Jay-Z 10. Album of the year: River: the joni letters, Herbie Hancock SOURCE:

Amy Poehler lives in New York City.

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No, she is not. if Amy lee was dead how would she had made the new albums

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Inside Amy - 1975 was released on: USA: March 1975 (New York City, New York)

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