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An 1988 Camaro won't start fuel pump doesn't kick on if ignition is in run but works when tested?

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βˆ™ 2007-01-23 19:47:58

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What should happen when you turn the key to run is the fuel pump relay should enable to pressurize the fuel system. And then if you do not start the car immediately it will shut off once it has pressuriezed the system. Once you start the engine the pump should kick back in to supply fuel to run the car. If everything has worked so far and once you start the car and it dies right after it starts running check the oil pressure sender. If that sensor does not detect oil pressure it will not allow the fuel pump to keep running and the engine is supposed to die. This is great if you ramp a railroad crossing and take the sump of the oil pan but not any other time. Get that sensor replaced and all should be well

2007-01-23 19:47:58
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Q: An 1988 Camaro won't start fuel pump doesn't kick on if ignition is in run but works when tested?
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Why won't my Camaro start?

it doesnt like you. you need to treat it right

Why does your ignition turn the wrong way on your 1979 camaro can not get the ignition to turn forward only back. can not start?

Replace the tumbler assembly, it is broken.

Codes for 92 Camaro anti theft device?

my 92 camaro is fitted with the anti theft device i changed the ignition switch and the car will not start need codes what are they??

Your 1992 accord turns over but doesnt start has spark fuel problem?

If you suspect that there is no ignition spark, have the ICM tested, it's a little device that's inside the distributor and causes the coil to send a spark to the plugs. However!!! Don't replace parts without having them tested first!

What electrical problems cause 1987 camaro not to start?

dead battery, or a bad ignition control module inside the distribureator.

What would make a 1990 Camaro run good for 30 mins then it doesnt want to start and runs rough them?

What would make my 1990 camaro run good for 30mins then it doesn't want to start&runs rough& jumpy

Your 92 camaro wont start replaced starter and ignition switch has power but wont turn over what else could it be?

Check the 92 Camaro neutral safety switch next. If the switch is faulty then the starter will not get power to start the engine.

Your 1998 Camaro doesnt start?

the battery or the starter could be bad. the vats system could be activated. let me know.

Why wont your 1991 camaro start it cranks over but wont run?

the first thing I would check is, fuel, spark, coil, ignition module

Why won't your 1998 Chevy Malibu start?

have the ignition check to see if its worn. if the theftlock/passlock system doesnt recognize the key it wont let it start

Ow do you program keyless entry for 1996 camaro?

turn ignition on. do not start car. hold down the 2 buttons at the same time for about 8 seconds.

1997 camaro z28 has power to run the lights and stereo but will not start i have changed the starter?

Same thing happened to my 95 z28 turned out it was the ignition coil

Why wont your 1989 camaro rs start It turns over the battery and the starter are fine what could it be?

Check the fuel pump or the fuel ignition if its not getting gas.

Why will my 1988 Celebrity start when cold but wont start after car is warm?

What probly is going on is that your ignition module is failing. You can take this part off and have it tested, but the test will more than likely be false because, like you said, it only fails when warm. Start with replacing it with a junkyard part. This way, if it doesnt solve the problem, your not out the 100 bucks that the parts stores want for it.

How do you reset the security light on a 1999 Camaro?

plug your key into ignition turn on dont start just leave it in the on position for 15 min bam u got it

What is causing the security light to come on and the car won't start on 95 camaro?

it means your ignition tumbler is bad. you need to replace it and have the dealership make a replacement key.

94 Camaro security light on car wont start?

94 camaro security light on car will not start

I just bought a 88 camaro with a 2.8 i can not get it to start i have replaced the wires cap rotor ignition module fuel pump and filter i have also made sure the timing is right. any ideas?

Try putting the key in the ignition and turning it. That's how people usually start cars!

1991 gmc van that will not start the battery is fine and the fuel pump turns on with the key and the battery but it just doesnt even engage the starter could the starter or ignition be out?

Most often it is the starter and not the ignition.

Why captiva wont start?

Why my Chevy Captiva won't start? I changed fuel pump, spark plugs and cleaned the fuel injectors, tested the ignition coils all is good but still will not start. please help thanks.

1997 CHEVY 2500 truck will not start gauges all work but will not fire?

Take the electronic ignition module to advance auto parts have it tested for free

How do you start a 1986 Yamaha pw 50 if it doesnt have a kick starter?

turn ignition system and fuel system on then put in 2nd gear and push

1994 Acura Integra B18c wont start tried everything spark plugs tested ignition tested fuel line tested cap and rotor replaced cranks but does not start.?

did you have a hot spark when you tested for spark ? i did you test the fuel pump pressure ? did you cheak for pulse on the coil to see if you were getting a signal ? i have spark, gas, the fuel pump works great and the coil is getting plenty of signal but it still wont start What was the fuel presure reading ?

How can you tell if the starter is bad on a Honda accord 1999 ex v6?

Does it it start sometime and not others? Does it click when you turn the ignition to start but doesnt start? Then its probably bad. Make sure your battery is fully charged first.

Why does my car start after jump starting but then dies?

Probably the alternator is bad. Once the jumper cables are removed, there is no source for ignition if the alternator is bad. Have it tested and replaced if necessary.