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One of the main advantages of a corporation is that it is separate from its owners. Corporations also have the advantage of being able to exist if one or more owners quit or pass away. Corporations also have limited liability protection.


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Limited liability is a major advantage of a corporation.

A major advantage of a corporation is the limited liability of the owners. When a stockholder dies, the corporation is not dissolved.

An advantage to having a corporation is limited liability. A disadvantage to having a corporation is the fact that income is taxed twice.

.limits personal risks for investors::

It allows the corporation to raise capital.

A corporation has limited liability protection, and are typically not personally responsible for business debts. A corporation can live forever, even if an owner dies or sells interest, the corporation can still exist.

A tired corporation is at a disadvantage because productivity can greatly drop within a short time. One advantage is that employees may suggest ideas that will make some processes less tiring.

A corporation is perceived as having substantial revenues where a small business wouldn't be. A corporation can likely get financed quicker than a person who has a small business.

This means in case of liquidation or bankruptcy their liabilities are only limited to the assets of the corporation and thus does not go into the coffer of the government

One advantage to having a modern corporation is the fact that they can better manage their costs and employees based on information from research. A disadvantage to having a modern corporation is the fact that they generally aren't socially responsible.

If you mean tax advantage of corporation in the Philippines compared to other countries..I can not answer that. But if you mean corporation in the Philippines compared to Partnership, the corporation is tax on its net income at currently 30% but if its a partnership, same is tax at 30% but there would be presumptive distrubtion of net income among partners which will be subjected to tax again. For corporation in Philippines, the liability of shareholders is limited on their capital subscription only. Unlike partnership or single proprietor, which is to the extent of personal property except of course for limited partners.

The Apple corporation has already made its mark as an innovative company. People who have a creative spark will have an advantage when looking for jobs at Apple Inc.

Partners own a company known as a partnership. A corporation is owned by stockholders. A partnership may decide to become a corporation, giving stock to each of the people who were previously partners. The advantage of this is that partners have a personal liability while stockholders do not.

Corporations have an easier time raising money to start or expand a business.

One advantage to forming a corporation is the fact that you aren't exposed to personal liability. One disadvantage is the fact that it can be expensive to start one compared to starting a proprietary business.

A corporation has severalÊadvantages Êas compared to sole proprietorship. Its advantages includeÊbeing aÊlegal entity, having Êlimited liability, and continuity. In addition, Êit hasÊaÊwider source of capital.

Sole proprietors get to make all of the business decisions themselves.

The biggest advantage is that the liability of the owners of the corporations is limited to the extent of their financial involvement. There are many advantages to being a corporation. These advantages include name protection, additional credibility, tax breaks, and perpetual existence.

The major advantage of a corporation is that one has its legal recognition as a business entity which is a must requirement to grow one's business. One can register its business and can have legal advantages of registration.

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Like a Corporation, an LLC offers limited liability to its owners. Unlike a Corporation, however, an LLC is taxed as a Partnership or Sole Proprietorship (unless the LLC elects to be taxed as a Corporation). This allows an LLC to pass all its income and losses through to the owners. Furthermore, the LLC has an advantage over a C-Corporation which makes an S-Corporation tax election because the S-Corporation can only have 100 stockholders and the stockholders cannot be Corporations or non-U.S.

One advantage to having a corporation is the fact that it is its own entity. This means that the business managers aren't liable for their decisions.

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