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The frequency of the toothbrush is 90 cycles per second. Its period is half of a second.

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Time period = 1 / frequency. Frequency = 1 / time period. The frequency is 90 cycles per second = 90 Hz Period = 11.111111111 ms (milliseconds).

yes, I'm pretty sure you can from the bacteria on the toothbrush.

The Sonicare Essence electric toothbrush, made by Philips Oral Healthcare, is advertised as being able to remove 80% of tooth stains within a month and can remain charged for two weeks should one need to travel for a brief period of time. They are available in numerous models and builds, allowing one to find a toothbrush model that better fits their needs and preferences.

no. it affects the period of the cycles.

Period is independent from mass. Because period, or T = 1/f and f = cycles/time, then T = time/cycles.

Since period is the reciprocal of frequency, i.e Period = 1/frequency: Frequency = 4 kHz = 4000 cycles/sec Period = 1/(4000 cycles/sec) = 1 sec/4000 cycles = 0.00025 sec/cycle

Cancer, specifically ovarian cancer, affects your period cycles.

That is that planet's "year", or its orbital period.

Yes it heard of and plus you should never se a 1 year old toothbrush or a toothbrush someelse used period. That has so many germs on it i don't even know where to start.

Depending on your cycles... I personally count the last day of my period...

# of cycles per second is equal to frequency which is measured in Hertz frequency is the inverse of the period

It is possible, especially if she has short or unpredictable cycles or a long period, but is not usual.

period (T) is simply one divided by frequency (f) or T = 1/f. Frequency is cycles per second and period is the time it takes to complete one cycle. For example frequency of 10 cycles per second has a period of 0.1 second

yeaah:)try a toothbrush b4 anythiing serious.dammn it feels gewwd<3

No, humping a pillow doesn't effect your period. Your period is controlled by your menstrual cycles, masturbation has no effect on this what-so-ever.

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Mars completes one orbit around the sun every 686.971 days.

The number of waves that pass a fixed point in a fixed amount of time is known as the "frequency".=====is called the Frequency of the waves (located on page 10 of the Penn Foster - Sound Study Guide)=====The number of waves that pass a given point per second is measured in units of Hertz (Hz). Hertz is a unit for cycles per second.The number of cycles that a wave completes in 'S' seconds is 'S' times its 'frequency'.

The revolution period for the planet Jupiter is 11.86 years. It completes its rotation within 9.8 hours compared to Earth's 24 hours.

No, herbal tea does not make you have your period. When you menstruate is determined by your menstrual cycles, nothing can force your period to start unless it is due.

125 cycles per second or 125 Hz. A wave that has a period of 0.008 seconds has a period of 0.008 seconds per cycle. If you have 0.008 seconds per cycle, you have one cycle per 0.008 seconds. And one cycle per 8/1000 seconds is 1 x 1000 / 8 cycles per second, which is 125 cycles per second. As regards waves, frequency and period are reciprocals. By definition, 1/frequency equals period, and 1/period equals frequency.

normal cycles can last 10 days. sorry Joymaker RN

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