An example of predator using minicry?

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How do you write a sentence using the word opportunistic?

Example: The hyena is an opportunistic predator.

What are the types of camouflage?

body pattern body parts colour minicry

A sentence using the word predator?

The predator ate its prey.

Explain using an example how destroying the balance between predator and prey in a community can upset the ecology of an area?


What are predator and prey relationships?

Example: Lion = Predator Gazelle = Prey The predator seeks after the prey.

What is a non-example of a predator?

Prey, The Opposite Of A Predator. For An Example, The Tiger Is Hunting For You And You Are Its Prey.

What is an example of predator-prey relationship?

an example of predator prey relationship is hawk and mouse...hawk is predator and mouse is prey :) ur welcome teehee

Is the wolf a prey or a predator?

predator Answer 2: The wolf is both. Prey example: Bear chasing wolf, wolf becomes prey Predator example: Wolf chase rabbit, wolf becomes predator.

Another predator movie?

There are a bunch of movies with the Predator in them. For example:PredatorPredator 2Alien VS PredatorAlien VS Predator the RequiemThat's just to name a few...

What is an example of a predator-prey relationship in a estuary?

One example of a predator-prey relationship in an estuary would be an eagle and a fish. The eagle is the predator and the fish is the prey.

What is an example of minicry?

The monarch butterfly eats milkweed and is so bitter to the taste as a result that birds avoid it. The viceroy butter fly mimics the monarch (looks like it) and receives the same protection.

What is an example of predator prey relationships in the rainforest?

The jaguar is the predator and the sloth is the prey

Give an example of a predator prey relationship?

hawk is predator and mouse is prey

What is an example of an animal using an adaptation to escape from a predator?

A Tiger hiding in tall grass

What is an alpha predator?

An alpha predator is a predator that has virtually no predators of their own; they are at the top of the food chain. An example would be an eagle.

What is an example of a top predator?


What is the predator to a crab?

Cephalopoda, for example.

Define predator prey?

A Predator Prey is what pedators eat. For example: a snake eats a little rat (the snake is the PREDATOR and the rat is the predator or snakes PREY)

How are the terms predator and prey related?

A prey is what a predator hunts down to kill and eat. A prey's predator is what eats it. For example: A gazelle is the prey of a leopard (predator).

Example of predator-prey?

A lion (predator) kills and eats a zebra (prey).

What are predator insects?

A dragonfly is an example of a predator insect, as the dragonfly eats other insects.

Why is a predator a predator?

A predator is normally an animal that feeds on its prey. Like the predator, for example a snake, feeds on its prey, a mouse. A predator is the hunter, and the prey is the one, sadly, eaten. Or: Because they were hungry!

What is predator?

a predator is an animal that hunts or eats a smaller animal than itself. for example, the wolf is the predator and it hunts the bunny which is the prey.

What is an example of a predator and prey?

chicken is prey (food) to humans so we are a predator (killer) this is wrong chicken is a natural resource we are not predator.

Is a zebra a predator or prey?

Both. They have to eat something , which makes them a predator, but something eats them, for example a lion. Which makes them prey.