An experiment you can take in the laboratory to determine which bottle contains vinegar and which contain the mutaric acid?

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Very simple , a glass rod soaked in ammonia solution bring to the mouth of both the bottles mutaric acid (HCl) gives white fumes while vinegar does not.
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What does vinegar contain?

Acetic acid is the chief acid in vinegar. For table use, it contains about 5% acetic acid, as well as small amounts of tartaric acid and citric acid. A higher concentration (u

What acid does vinegar contain?

It contains about 4% of acetic acid, the trivial name for ethanoic acid: H 3 C-C(=O)(-OH) There should be no sulfuric acid in food grade vinegar

What is a Carbon-containing acid in vinegar?

The compound is acetic acid, if it is in a water free form it is called glacial acetic acid. The water free form is rare as the acid is hygroscopic it absorbs water from the s