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Q: An individuals strand of a chromosome is?
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Long strand found in the nucleus?


Each strand of a chromosome is called what?


Each strand of a chromosome is called?


Each strand of a chromosome is called a what?


A strand of DNA is a long string of what?


What is a single continuous strand of DNA?

a chromosome :]

What do long strand of DNA in cells form?

a chromosome

What is The strand of DNA found in each chromosome?


What is the shorter segment of a chromosome?

Just a DNA strand

What is a strand of DNA folded around proteins?

A Chromosome.

How many DNA strands constitute a chromosome?

every and any DNA strand can constitue to a chromosome :)

What is the thread like strand of DNA with associated proteins?


What is each strand of a double-stranded chromosome called?


What are thread-like strand of DNA with associated proteins?


How do you use chromatid in a sentence?

chromatid is a individal strand in a chromosome.....

The two components that make up a duplicated chromosome are called?

A duplicated chromosome is formed as a result of DNA replication. Since DNA replication is semi-conservative, the two components (or strands) that make up the duplicated chromosome are called: # The parent strand (or the leading strand) # The newly synthesized strand The replication process involves synthesizing a new strand based on the sequence of the parent strand. The parent strand is used as the template in semi-conservative DNA replication.

What are chromatins?

Chromatins are the uncoiled form of chromosome. It is a large strand of DNA.

What is a thick coiled strand of material containing DNA and proteins?


What is each identical strand of a chromosome called?

I think it's a chromatid.

What is the name given to each single strand of replicated chromosome?


What are some explanations of chromosome?

A single strand of bunched up DNA

Are chromosomes strands of DNA?

Each chromosome has a single strand of DNA.

What is the meaning of chromosome?

chromosomes is a threadlike strand of DNA inside the nucleus of a cell

Why are individuals with an extra chromosome 21 which causes Down syndrome more numerous than individuals with an extra chromosome 3 or chromosome 16?

Individuals with Down syndrome are more numerous then individuals with an extra chromosome 3 or 16 because the those conditions are much more likely to be fatal (resulting in miscarriage or other early deaths).

Which genetic disease is it when someone only has a y chromosome but no x chromosome?

That isn't physically possible. All XO individuals are females with Turner's syndrome. Individuals with only a Y chromosome do not survive.