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$45 is 80% of the original price

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To find the answer, you have to find the discount for the magazine. $5.99 x 10% is 60 cents, so the magazine costs $5.39. Tax on $5.39 at 4% is $5.39 x .04, which is 22 cents. $5.39 + .22 = $5.61.

Saucony outlet stores carries saucony infant shoes at a discount price. Go to the online site and see the massive amount of discount shoes to get for your infant.

Assuming that there is no sales tax, you will multiply 50.00 by 0.10 (that is how you calculate percents) to get 5.00. You subtract this from the original price, to get 45.00. Again, this is assuming no sales tax. :)

any pharmacy sells it.

JetBlue sells discount tickets for students. They have some fantastic deals.

Discount Tire/Americas Tire

Discount Tire Direct sells discount tires and they offer free shipping. The site is easily found by typing the keywords into The website for this company is easy to navigate and the offer for the free shipping is right on the home page.

n.A store that sells merchandise, especially consumer goods, at a discount from the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Also called discounter, discount house.

Discount Tire sells tires and other products and services at discount prices. They are located in the United States only. Discount Tire has been running for over fifty years.

A few hundred to a couple of thousand depending on EXACT configuration, if your 40 percent equals 40 percent to someone who collects/sells the SAA, box, accessories, etc..

does discount tire sell maxxis tires

There is a furniture warehouse in Nashiville, TN that sells discount furniture. Nashville Discount Furniture is another excellent place to purchase discount furniture.

Full Price: 78.95 20% discount= $15.79 Discount Price= $63.16 You will have to make the logical connection...I won't do ALL of your homework for you! is a great site that sells any of the published original score film soundtracks.

Yes. Discount Cooper STT tires are available online. A website that sells the tires online is

Luckily Lowes sells them and as to rather or not they have a discount all depends on when and where you go to buy them. You just have to look out for a sale

A sample sale is when a designer or store sells excess merchandise at a deep discount.

Harvey Norman sells norton antivirus with a 2.45$ discount.

If you wanted a digital camera, you could buy them from the store that sells them and get a coupon or you could buy them from the internet. Some brands of cameras cannot be bought with a discount. If your brand that you are looking for can, then use the discount.

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