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False. An object at constant velocity is at zero or no acceleration. Of course, if the acceleration is always 0, then it is a constant acceleration of zero.

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An object cannot be accelerating if it has a constant speedtrue or false?

An object with a constant (vector)velocity is not accelerating. An object with a constand (scalar)speed can actually be accelerating, a car with a constant speed that passes around a corner is changing direction and is subjected to a lateral acceleration.

Velocity is the change of speed and or direction of an object?

FALSE. Acceleration is the change of speed and/or direction of an object.

The speed at which an object falls and the acceleration at which it falls are always the same value?

False If the acceleration is constant the speed increases. If the speed is constant the acceleration is zero.

Is it true or false that acceleration can only occur when the speed of an object changes?

No. Acceleration is change of velocity. It occurs when an object changes speed and/or direction.

Average velocity always equals one-half the sum of the initial and final velocities?

Is this a question? or a statement that you are unsure of? Well anyways, this would be correct if acceleration was a constant but if acceleration is not a constant, the (not-constant) acceleration would change the rate of velocity and thus that statement/question would be false.

Acceleration will only speed up an object True or false?

False. At least the way "acceleration" is described in physics, acceleration involves any change in velocity - so the "accelerating" object can speed up, slow down, or simply change direction.

True or False terminal velocity is the velocity a speeding object reaches when it crashes?

Technically, its false.... Terminal Velocity is defined as "the constant maximum velocity reached by an object falling through the atmosphere under the attraction of gravity". The crash is simple a result of and the conclusion to the fall....

If the object and velocity doubles the KE of an object doubles true of false?

that is false as energy is velocity squared, or 4 times

Displacement is the slope of a velocity vs time graph true or false?

False. The slope of a velocity vs time graph is acceleration

Is the statement 'a body moving with uniform speed along a circular path is subjected to uniform acceleration' true or false justify?

This statement is true. This type of movement is called Uniform Circular Motion. For every circular motion at constant speed, there is a constant radial acceleration (always pointing towards the center of the circle) named centripetal acceleration. This constant acceleration ensures that at every moment during the motion the orientation of the velocity is changed so that the object stays in a circular path.

Acceleration can only occur when the speed of an object changes?

falseYes, acceleration refers to an 'increase' in speed over time, a decrease would be deceleration and neither would simply be a constant speed.

Which newton law states that if an unbalanced force acts on an object it will move at constant velocity?

None does. The statement is false. There is also no such thing as an unbalanced force.

A moving merry-go-round house is not accelerating True or false?

False, any rotating object has a constant acceleration directed towards the center.It magnitude is a= v2/R

In order for a small object to have a large momentun the object needs to be stationary true or false?

False. The momentum of an object is given by the mass times the velocity of the object. Hence, a low-mass object must have a large velocity to have a large momentum.

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