An officer for a secret and dangerous assignment Send you an Army Football Player. Who said this?

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Is football dangerous?

Football could be be if you get hit wrong. A school friend of mine was in a coma for weeks and took a year to recuperate. But he was hit illegally from behind, not as an actual part of the football action. The reason for the helmets and pads is that collisions between boys or men, at the speeds a ( Full Answer )

Quotes from the book year of secret assignments?

I don't know what kind of quote you are looking for so I am just going to open my book to a random page: Dear Person at Brookfield: I am a fish. You wouldn't think so to look at me, what with the uniform, and the hair on top of my head and all that? But it's true, I'm a fish. I'm not sur ( Full Answer )

What is the most assigned rank in the army?

PFC E-3, or Private First Class. This is assigned when the person chooses a 6 year enlistment instead of 4 or if they attended a JROTC unit through highschool. If not, they will start off a Private (E-1).

Why is football dangerous?

when sliding you can dislocate your bone if you don't know how to slide or hut the person ur sliding to also in headers many people have hit each other in headers like Mexican footballer GUARDADO

What occupations is said to be the most dangerous?

According to the National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries,the most dangerous job in the US is logging. There are 127.8 deathsthat occur for every 1000,000 workers. Others that made the listinclude fishermen, pilots, roofers, iron workers, linemen, truckdrivers, and ranchers.

What number is assigned to the various NFL players on a football team?

In the NFL, numbers are assigned by what position the player plays:. 1-19: Quarterbacks, kickers, wide receivers, and punters. 20-49: Running backs, tight ends, cornerbacks and safeties. 50-59: Linebackers and offensive linemen. 60-79: Offensive linemen and defensive linemen. 80-89: Wide re ( Full Answer )

Can a department of the army civilian police officer make a triffic stop off post when there is any type of danger to himself or another?

From AR 190-56 . 5-1. General . This chapter prescribes the authority of DACP/SGs performing law enforcement or security functions on Army installation/activities.. 5-2. Authority . a. DACP/SGs performing law enforcement and security duties authorized by the installation/activity commander may ( Full Answer )

What are the numbers assigned to the positions in football?

1-9 Quarterbacks and Kickers 10-19 Quarterbacks, Receivers, Tight Ends, and Kickers 20-49 Running Backs and Defensive Backs 50-59 Centers and Linebackers 60-79 Defensive Linemen and Offensive Linemen 80-89 Receivers and Tight Ends (or 40-49 if those ranges are taken) 90-99 Defensive Line ( Full Answer )

What dangers do parole officers face?

Paper cuts . Staple malfunctions . Coffee burns . Stress due to overwork . High degree of alcoholism . High instances of divorce . Burnout

Where is the oath of office said?

The oath is taken on a special platform built near the steps of the US capitol. In the past it has been taken inside the Capitol building.

What is the most dangerous job in the army?

The most dangerous job allowed to women is a MP (military police) While the most dangerous job in all is being an infantryman is not true, being deployed right now in Iraq few people know what we do as combat engineers MOS 21B or 12B. we do route clearance for the infantry to even go anywhere, en ( Full Answer )

That's what she said originated from the office?

"thats what she said" did originate from t he office "That's what she said" was not original to the office, it stems back to Wayne's world when Garth was holding a pic of Claudia Schiffer, and said "I'm getting tired of holding this" ... and Wayne says "that's what she said." I've heard there is ( Full Answer )

Does the secret service live in the office?

No, like everyone else the officers of the Secret Service live at their homes or apartments. While on duty they live with the person they are guarding, wherever that person may be (home, traveling, hotel, etc.).

Which prophet said here are you send you?

Usually all the prophets were called by God and many hesitated to answer the great call of God , only Samuel as a boy replied yes, Lord I am listening.

What is a army officer?

An Army officer is either a soldier chosen by his superiors by showing either bravery, good leadership skills. Or in the U.S.A. they can be a graduate of the R.O.T.C. or West Point Acadamy who are specially taught and trained to be officers in the Army.. in the U.S. Army, the officers are 2nd Lt., ( Full Answer )

Why football is dangerous?

because of its dangereous equipments like stutts , spikes and also because of accidental cranps and fractured in bones

How do you send an email on Microsoft office?

You need to have an email account set up (perhaps it hasto be an Outlook account).. Create the document you want to send. In Office for XP (2002) you send it from the file menu. In Office 2007 fromthe Windows icon.

What are the dangers of being a police officer?

Being a police officer is hard to begin with. Not only will you have to be very physically fit but mentally sharp as well. You will have to have a quick reaction time, and good reflexes. Police officers will have to attend calls where they will deal with weapons, alcohol, drugs, and violence. And ( Full Answer )

What are the dangers of sending email attachment?

Attachments can contain viruses, so you may be sending a virus to someone even if you don't know it. Some e-mail systems block attachments, so your message may not get to someone if the attachment is blocked.

Do you send your passport to the visa office?

The consulate of the country for which you are applying for a visa must have your passport in order to stamp the visa in your travel document. If you are applying by mail, the passport must be sent along with your application and other required documents. When applying in person, you must take your ( Full Answer )

Is field artillery officer dangerous?

Yes, but nowhere near as dangerous as being an infantry officer or a combat engineer officer. Both of the latter put a man much closer to the direct fire of the enemy. Artillery was usually a few miles behind the front lines and adjusted its aim by receiving directions from a Forward Observer, com ( Full Answer )

Who assigns the state coordinating officer?

The state coordinating officer is assigned by the governor of thestate. Their job is to coordinate disaster assistance with thefederal government.

How can you be an army officer?

to be an army officer you have to go to college and do ROTC. You can also find a recruiter near you and go through OCS (Officer Candidate School) after finishing college.

What is the army regulation about assigned parking?

The short version is, there IS NO Army Reg that explicitly lays out parking, such as authorized reserved spaces, etc. AR 190-5 briefly covers parking as part of MP Traffic Control. HOWEVER, every post has it's own version of 190-5 (such as Ft. Hood Reg 190-5, etc.), that lays out the post policies f ( Full Answer )

Are army camps dangerous?

No, at least not the cantonment areas. In the field training areas, there are certain spots (such as the impact area for artillery fires) where you wouldn't want to go, on account of the unexploded ordinance and such, but those are pretty clearly marked.

Why is it smoking is said to be dangerous to your body?

Because it is. Somking introduces a lot of nasty chemicals into your body. It constricts blood vessels and raises the blood pressure, it can trigger cancer, and even the small particles that make up the smoke and end up in your lungs aren't exactly healthy either.

Who said 'this is a football'?

Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi. When the Green Bay Packers football team hired Vince Lombardi as its new coach, he was intrigued with the challenge of turning the franchise around. He began leading practices, inspiring, training and motivating. But at one point in a practice, he just got so ( Full Answer )

How is football danger?

The sport require you to tackle the other opponent and vice-versa so they won't make it to there side of the field to score a point. If someone fall the wrong way or get tackled in a certain way it can cause serious injuries

What can a person do if an officer said that you said something which you never said?

some options to explore: 1-- prove you didn't say it through eyewitness testimony from others who were there? 2-- offer evidence you didn't say it because it's something you would not have said, it's not logical or would not have made any sense for you to say something like that. 3-- prove that the ( Full Answer )

Can a Army Officer Marry a Army Sergeant?

Under certain circumstances, yes. These regulations strictly apply only to the US army, but I suspect most other armies have similar rules. There is a regulation prohibiting officers from dating enlisted personnel, which could make the courtship phase a little difficult. Also, the commander wou ( Full Answer )

How dangerous is it in army the infantry?

It could be no more dangerous than any other occupation, or significantly more dangerous. During the initial push into Iraq, the units in front were scout units - they had cooks who were further ahead of the line than infantry units. It all depends on a number of factors, such as your unit, your tim ( Full Answer )

How do you send secret admirer emails?

to send secret admirer emails to a person, you... 1.make a fake eamil 2.find out there email 3.lastly tell them you like them

Can a security officer job be dangerous?

There are inherent dangers in working as a security officer. Although this is the case there are many other jobs with equal or greater dangers and the dangers should be weighed by potential applicants.

How do you send a secret message on Facebook?

On the top bar of facebook, when you sign in, on the left hand side there will be a an icon that looks like a Message box, click on that, when that comes up on the right hand side it way say "Compose new message", click that, type the name of the person you want to message, and the message you want ( Full Answer )

Is a job as a police officer dangerous?

"In short, yes. However, jobs such as farming, open-water fishing, or mining have much higher rates of injury and death. Depending on the city and position, the job can be more or less dangerous."

How do you send a secret text?

Sorry....but you can't because we'll you have normal text! That's what secret text is I guess or you can send a text to someone and then erase it on your phone... But secret text is basically normal text because no one else can read it unless they get your phone or the person your sending it to :) h ( Full Answer )

Why is violence dangerous to a police officer?

Violence can be very dangerous to a police officer on the front line; Because a violent person may become violent towards the officer arresting them, therefore resulting in a chance of injury for the officer. A violent group of individuals fighting in the street is another example, as this could r ( Full Answer )