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primary source

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Is survived past or present tense?

Survived is the past tense.

Is survived a noun?

No, survived is the past tense or the verb to survive (survives, surviving, survived).Survived is an action.I survived that heart attack.

Is this correct grammar I wouldn't have survived this past year?

No because 'this' is now It should be: I woudn't have survived the past year.

What is the past tense of survive?

Survived is the past tense of survive.

Is survived a action verb?

Yes. Survive (past tense - survived) is an action verb.

What is the past tense of source?

The past tense of source is sourced.

What is the past tense of consider?

infinitive: considerpast: consideredpast participle: considered

Is USA Today a reliable news source?

USA today is not considered to be the most reliable or credible news source, as it has faced scandals in the past (around 2004) regarding where its sources come from.

Who is the original singer of the song the past?

artist of the song the past

What is the part of speech for survive?

The word surive is a verb. The past tense is survived.

What is the past participle for consider?

The past participle is considered.

Primary sources sources of information used by historians are?

actual records that have survived from the past.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had nine children how many survived?

All nine survived childhood. Two died in their 30's, but most lived past 60.

Who wrote a primary source?

Somebody from the past, like a diary entry from Julius Caesar. But also, a primary source can be written recently, for example, a Journal Article, Newspaper Article, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate. The thing to remember about the difference between a Primary Source and a Secondary Source is: Has it been cited or quoted or is this the original information? If I find an article written by Person A that quotes Person B who quotes Julius Caesar, that is NOT a primary source. The original words Person A used in his/her article--minus quoted material--is a Primary Source.

What are the past and present uses of actinium?

Neutron source Alpha rays source for radiotherapy

What were the names of the titanic women who survived?

There was Molly Brown but she has past now and i can't remember any more.

Is considered an adverb?

No, it is a past tense verb, and a past pasticiple that may be used as an adjective (e.g. It was his considered opinion that the verdict was wrong).

Has biomass energy source been successfully used in the past?

Yes it has been successful in the past

What are Connecticut's main source of income in the past?


What is the abstract noun for source?

The word source is an abstract noun. Example sentence: The source of the odor turned out to be a potato past its prime.

How did aborigines survive in the past?

aborigines survived by hunting animals such as wallabies and kangaroos and also fished and cooked them on a fire

What is the proper past tense for the word sneak?

Sneaked Is the original past tense form, but snuck is optional.

Is considered is abstract noun?

The word 'considered' is not a noun. The word considered is the past tense, past participle of the verb to consider (considers, considering, considered). The past tense of the verb is also an adjective, a word to describe a noun (considered candidates, considered courses, etc.).The noun forms for the verb to consider are considerer, one who considers, and the gerund (verbal noun) considering.

What is Galois Evariste Marital and family Status?

Galois was not married. He admitted to not liking women but later was killed in a duel over one. His father commited suicide when he was 17. He had one brother and a sister both who survived past him. His mother homeschooled him until he was 12 and also survived past his death.

Why might the president refer to a primary source in an inaugural speech?

He might refer to a primary source, which could be a journal of a past president or other source, to show how past idea's are connected to present events, or several other reasons.