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This is by both radiation and convection.

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it's because of heat transfer into convection .

"When the sun heats a comet much of it becomes gas."The verb heats is an action verb, a word for the act of applying heat.The verb becomes is a being verb, in this sentence, meaning it comes to be.

It is called Evaporation , because when water gets heated it heats up and Evaporates and becomes Evaporation.By:Abigail

Expands and becomes less dense

We get wind because:Some places are warmer than othersThe warm air heats up becomes light and risesThe cool air moves in to replace it

it is because wood is not a better insulator metal heats up faster depending on the metal. suppose you are heating up aluminum, it would heat up faster because there are more free electrons so it can transfer heat faster.

Conduction:The transfer of energy by collusions between the atoms and molecules in a material. So conduction But others think its heat because heats deffinition is Heat: A transfer of energy from an object to another due to a difference in temperature.

Tungsten. When it is introduced to electricity, it becomes excited and heats up.

The Sun heats plants, animals eat plants, and we eat the animals.

As the water heats up the washer in the tap, it expands. This causes the washer to partially block the open valve.

Heats affects a slide by making it hot. The sun is strong so it heats up the slide. Slide becomes too hot for anyone to go on.

By Heating up, or Cooling down. If a solid heats up enough it turns to liquid. If a liquid heats up, it turns to gas. If a gas cools down, it becomes a liquid. If a liquid Freezes it becomes a solid

The sun's light creates radiation heating through transparent materials (such as the windows of a car). The reason this heats up the car to ridiculous levels, instead of leaving it the same temperature as the outside, is because the enclosed space means the heat can't disperse out through other heat transfer methods like convection.

because when it heats it rises

I have a hunch that when you say "a microwave", you're talking about the square box in your kitchen that heats food fast. The correct name for that appliance is a "microwave oven". It was given that name because when it's turned on ... in the heating mode ... the chamber in it is filled with high-power microwave radio waves. The food in the chamber absorbs some of that microwave radiation, and becomes heated by it.

when the water heats up the water evaporates and it becomes water vapor

A fireplace heats a room by radiation. That radiation is the direct transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves.

if you are talking about what form it is it, it becomes less of a liquid and more of a gas (: It becomes less "dense" eventually turning into a gas, as above has stated.

Cheesecakes can crack due to drastic temperature changes. Because water heats slower than air, a water bath can regulate the transfer of heat to the cheesecake.

Salt water heats up the fastest because the salt rises when the clouds evoparate.

Radiation Radiation heats the sand, but the direct contact transfer of this energy to the bare foot is conduction.

The room heats by convection transfer into the air, aided by humidity produced when water is heated.

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