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Apparently the person who reported the CC as stolen had access to all the information that was needed to convince the card issuer that they were indeed the account holder. The fact that someone has such personal and financial information is a much more serious matter than having an account temporarily "frozen". It would be advisable to obtain a copy of your credit report, check all your financial statements including bank accounts very carefully, and report any discrepancies immediately.

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Q: An unknown person reported your credit card stolen The CC company froze your account without notifying you How can they do this before contacting you?
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Yes. The original creditor more than likely put the item on first, then sold the account to a collection company who after unsuccessfully trying to collect the debt reported the item to the credit bureaus. So to you it was the same account or item but now the debt has transferred to a new company.

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Can a credit card company reopen an investigation on a fraudulent account if it was charged off and then was disputed and now has been deleted from your credit file?

If they have reason to believe the account was reported or disputed fraudulently or that new information has been discovered, they can investigate further.

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