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Some good analogies for Ribosomes are the following:

  • a machine that does jigsaw puzzles, placing pieces where they fit to build a larger unit.
  • a restaurant because it makes food
  • a factory because they make and produce things

Ribosomes are organelles not bound by membranes, intracellular structures that synthesize (reproduce or replicate) protein chains according to a coded sequence read from messenger RNA (mRNA).
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What is an analogy for ribosome?

Ribosomes are like factories in a cell. They manufacture proteins using instructions the get from RNA.

What do ribosomes do?

Ribosomes are organelles that synthesize proteins for the cell and send protein to the nucleus. Ribosomes can be free floating in the cytoplasm, or can be attached to the outer surfaces of the rough endoplasmic reticulum and are known as bound ribosomes. They use amino acids to create the protein wh ( Full Answer )

What are some analogies for ribosomes?

A good analogy for a ribosome would be a cook. Cooks make food forrestaurants, ribosomes help make proteins for the cell.

What is a ribosomes?

Ribosomes are small organelles found in the cells of all life forms. They are quite small, only a few hundred nanometers across. It has been theorized that ribosomes were once independent life forms, reproducing on their own, until other chemicals such as carbohydrates and DNA were brought into th ( Full Answer )

What is an analogy for Ribosomes?

Some good analogies for Ribosomes are the following: . a machine that does jigsaw puzzles, placing pieces where theyfit to build a larger unit. . a restaurant because it makes food . a factory because they make and produce things Ribosomes are organelles not bound by membranes, intracellular ( Full Answer )

What does the Ribosomes do?

The ribosome are the " workbench " on which proteins are synthesized. mRNA is threaded through this catalytic organelle while tRNA brings single amino acids that are then linked in a long polypeptide which is on it's way to becoming a mature protein.

What are some analogy for Ribosomes?

The ribosome in a cell can be compared to a construction worker.They make all kinds of things for the cell to use.

What is a analogy?

An analogy is a sentence used to compare to entities. Analogies areuseful in teaching critical thinking and the ability to identifycomplex relationships. For these reasons analogies have been longused on placement tests and competitive admission's exams.

What has ribosomes?

Ribosomes make proteins in the eukaryotic, or animal, cell, and are attached to the endoplasmic reticulum. The proteins are then sent to the Golgi complex for packaging and shipping.

What is a good analogy for ribosomes?

Ribosomes are like masons because they link protein chains together according to RNA (rather like a blueprint) just as masons "link" bricks together according to a blueprint. Don't copy that exact thing, it's badly worded and the word "link" isn't really appropriate for bricks.

Analogy for free ribosome?

Ribosomes are similar to factories. They produce things that areneeded and serve a purpose. It works like an assembly line.

What is the role of a ribosome?

Ribosomes are the sites of protein synthesis, where RNA is translated into protein. When cells need large numbers of proteins, they must first build numerous ribosomes. Because protein synthesis is so important to cells, there are large numbers of ribosomes found throughout cells often numbering in ( Full Answer )

Where are ribosome found?

The ribosomes can be found in all living cells, inside of thenucleolus. Ribosomes are also protein builders of cells and floatin the cytoplasm.

What is a ribosome and what does it do?

A ribosome is a two subunit complex made of protein and catalytic RNA that unites as one unit when mRNA docks on the large subunit. Ribosomes are the " workbench " on which proteins are synthesized. The ribosome crawls along the mRNA and knits together a polypeptide chain from the free amino acids b ( Full Answer )

What do ribosomes have on them?

Ribosomes are proteins that fecilitate protein synthesis by providing a system where the individual amino acids can be assembled into larger peptides and proteins. Ribosomes are sites where the genetic code from mRNA is translated to a sequence of amino acids, thus forming a protein

How are ribosomes formed?

\nThe process is involved and incompletely known, but the raw materials are ribosomal RNA and proteins found in the nucleolus of cells. They are assembled in the nucleolus.

What is an analagy for ribosomes?

ribosomes are like chefs because they make proteins for the celland chefs make food and proteins for the resturaunt.

What do ribosomes attract?

ribosomes is where protein is synthesised so i suppose they attract mrna for the code to make the protein and the amino acid to build the protein.. ribosomes is where protein is synthesised so i suppose they attract mrna for the code to make the protein and the amino acid to build the protein.

What creates ribosomes?

Ribosomes are created by the nucleolus inside your cells. They arecreated out of rRNA and sent into the endoplasmic reticulum inorder to create proteins for the body.

How do ribosomes get into the cytoplasm?

A ribosome contains RNA and proteins. The following description applies to eukaryotes (plants, animals, and fungi). (The ribosomes of prokaryotes (bacteria) and mitochondria are essentially similar but differ in detail, and no nucleus is involved.) A ribosome in eukaryotes, including humans, cont ( Full Answer )

Do bacteria have ribosomes?

YES! Bacteria do have ribosomes. The ribosomes take about 30% of the whole bacterium's weight. Approximately 10,000 ribosomes are in one bacterium cell. Yes they do! no

Do prokaryotes have ribosomes?

Yes, but they are smaller than in eukaryotes.Prokariyotes have 70s ribosomes. Eukariyotes have 80s ribosmes

What is 70s ribosomes?

70S refers to the rate of sedimentation of the ribosome in a centrifuge. You can almost think of it as a unit of size. The "S" is a unit of measurement called the Svedberg unit. Ribosomes contain two subunits. In prokaryotes, these subunits are 50S (large) and 30S (small). The total ribosome with bo ( Full Answer )

What does the ribosome?

Ribosomes are made in Nucleolus and their like workers. Nucleus is like boss. They give DNA to Ribosomes to build proteins. DNA is like instructor.

What is a ribosome?

A ribosome is a cellular organelle that synthesizes (manufactures) polypeptide chains that will become proteins, found in all life forms. They do this by "reading" a strand of mRNA and assembling the correct sequence of amino acids. In eukaryotes, ribosomes float in the cytosol of a cell or bind to ( Full Answer )

What are analogies?

They all take similar form: RAIN is to COAT as ____ is to SUIT. Think of a relationship between two things, any two things at all, as long as they have a relationship. The relationship can be subtle , but not something that exists in your head only. Then think of other things that have the same ( Full Answer )

Why you do analog to analog conversion?

To isolate a patient from getting connected to stray voltages. An isolation transformer is used and batteries power it to further isolate you from the real world. Also for sensitive measurements to eliminate some of the noise and current loops.

What is a cell city analogy for a ribosomes?

A city cell analogy for ribosomes is a restaurant. It provides the citizens with protein just ribosomes which provide nutrients for the cell. Hope this helped!

What is a analoge?

Analog is a person or a thing that is comparable to someone orsomething else. It is often found when dealing with electronics.

What is analog input and analog output?

Connections that are not made to handle digital signals. Generally speaking an analog device will not be as good as one made for digital signals.

What has ribosomes on it?

The Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) has ribosomes, also it's function is it transports materials throughout the cell and is in both plant and animal cells. :)

What does ribosomes have?

A small grain like structure in the cytoplasm of a cell where proteins are made.

What does attached ribosomes do?

Ribosomes main function is protein synthesis which means producing proteins. A ribosome attached to something simply means that they will produce ribosomes near what they are attached to.

What does the ribosome serve?

it serve as a machine to synthesize the protein by collection ofamino acids from tRNA by the help of the codons in mRNA.

What do ribosomes act as?

Ribosomes are the rounded bodies present on endoplasmic reticulum or scattering in the cytoplasm these contain protein and known as protein factory of a cell and helps in protein synthesis

What is the purpose for ribosomes?

They are the site for protein synthesis, mrna from inside the nucleus is transcribed into amino acids at the ribosomes.

Is ribosome a bacteria?

Ribosomes are not bacteria. They are microscopic structures containing proteins and strands of RNA. They are located within the cytoplasm of plant and animal cells.

What does the ribosome have?

A ribosome is a cell organelle made up of RNA and protein, soribosome has protein.

How do mRnas get to the Ribosomes?

They are positioned there via 'mediated' transport through the 'nuclear' pores found embedded within the Nuclear Envelope. Ribosomes attached to the Endoplasmic Reticulum [in the so-called Rough ER] await nearby in the Cellular Cytoplasm.

Why are ribosomes on the er?

A Ribosomes form a complex of proteins and RNA molecules, ribosomes translate mRNA into proteins. some ribosomes are floating in the cytoplasm and some are attached to the ER. simply, the attached ones have signals that tell them to translate the mRNA directly inside the ER or to make a protein that ( Full Answer )

Why do you have ribosomes?

Ribosomes are a minute particle that consists of RNA and similar proteins that are located in the cytoplasm of living cells. Their purpose is to bind mRNA and tRNA in order to synthesize polypeptides and proteins.

What is the analogy for I ME?

One possibility would be I is to me as we is to us--subject pronouns compared to object pronouns.

Where is the Ribosomes locaded?

In eukariyotes,8os ribosomes are in cytoplasm and rough ER.70s ribosomes are in chloroplast and mitochondria.