Anaphylactic shock is an example of an?


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Allergic Response


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Anaphylactic shock is a serious reaction to an allergy. For example, I have a nut allergy my anaphylactic shock is my throat swells up and I can't breathe. It could cause death.Anaphylactic shock is a serious condition where a person goes into shock from contacting a substance that they are allergic to, such as a Bee sting.

An anaphylactic shock is a severe and rapid systemic allergic reaction to an allergen, which contracts the trachea and prevents breathing.

what medication used in prophylactic shock

For someone experiencing anaphylactic shock, he/she will experience severe itching in the face and eyes as well as difficulty swallowing and breathing.

Anaphylactic shock is treated by an injection of epinephrine. The exact dosage will depend on the weight of the person being injected and the severity of the reaction.

can a blood transfusion cause anaphylactic shock

by vasoconstriction and opening of the airway

medication food poision ( venom ) allergen

When you encounter something to which you're allergic

Yes, but it hardly ever happens.

An anaphylactic reaction. It can cause anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock. (I'm in pharmacy class right now)

No, but you can die of anaphylactic shock, brought on by severe allergic reactions.

epinephrine into the thigh muscles antihistamine iv fluied

Blood pressure drop, breathing difficult

You can use histamine antagonists and/or immunosuppressants, since anaphylactic shock is just an overreaction of the immune system.

Not normally, unless you are hypersensitive to the venom and go into anaphylactic shock.

Yes, anaphylactic shock (an allergic reaction) can cause death.

Usually yes. There are many visible symptoms of anaphylactic shock that don't go away when the person dies, such as hives, red or purple skin, and swelling of the face, tongue, and/or throat.

Example sentences using "anaphylatic shock" include these: After receiving an allergy shot, the woman developed difficulty breathing and went into anaphylatic shock. A single bee sting can cause anaphylatic shock in susceptible persons. Repeated exposure to a medication, such as an antibiotic, can cause an allergic reaction and even anaphylatic shock.

If you are allergic to the acid they use then you could die from anaphylactic shock.

It can cause spasms of the larynx that block the patient's airway and cause dyspnea

An allergic reaction; especially one that results in anaphylactic shock.

A severe allergic reaction could result in anaphylactic shock and death.

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