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Ancient symbols of elements?

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ancient symbols are drawn not written because they don't know letters so much


hydrogen= circle with a dot in the center

carbon = circle and then shade it

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Do all symbols of elements have greek names?

No. Most of the symbols for elements are derived from their names in English. Most of the elements were not even known in ancient Greece.

Who gave the symbols of elements?

Latins gave that symbols. We are using Latin symbols now. Symbols are indicating elements.

Symbols of elements?

We use symbols for elements. Those are Latin in names. There are above 118 elements.

How many elements are listed on the periodic table that has symbols for them?

All the elements listed on periodic table has symbols for them.There are total 118 elements in periodic table.

Why do some elements of the periodic table have different symbols from the English name?

Some of the symbols come from their name in Latin or ancient Greek. For example, gold (Au) is Aurum.

Where do the symbols of elements derived?

Symbols of chemical elements are derived from the chemical name.

What is the ancient names of elements?

Many element's symbols are derrived from their ancient names. These names can be researched individually. For example, Pb is the symbol for lead. It's ancient Latin name was "plumbum".

Why do some elements have unusual letters for their symbols?

some elements do not use their first letters of their English names as their symbols. The symbols for these elements may come from the names of the elements in a different language.

What are the symbols for the elements in the periodic table?

Symbols of the chemical elements are abbreviated forms of the names.

How are chemical symbols related to chemical formulae?

Chemical symbols are the symbols for the names of elements. Chemical formulae are which elements the compound contains.

How do you write the symbols of elements?

I don't know what are you asking. We use symbols for elements. Symbols are formed with Latin words.

Where can you find the symbols of elements?

On the table of elements.

What are all the symbols for all the elements on table?

There are variety of elements in nature. They have been assigned symbols.

Why are symbols used to represent elements?

Answer : Symbols are used to represent elements, because it helps you recognize what the elements are just by seeing the symbol.

What is the process of creating the chemical formula of a binary and oxyacids from a given name?

symbols of the elements symbols of the elements

Can elements be represented by symbols?

Yes, elements ARE represented by symbols. ( Fe for iron, O for Oxygen.....etc)

What elements are represented by chemical symbols?

All know chemical elements have been assigned chemical symbols.

What do chemical symbols indicate?

Chemical symbols indicate elements.

What is the sacred symbols of ancient Egypt?

The Sacred eye and Ra are both sacred symbols of Ancient Egypt.

What are elements represented by?


What are elements written with?


What represents the different symbols in the periodic table?

Different symbols represent different elements. They are the small notations for elements.

What are the chemical symbols of a highlighter?

Only chemical elements have chemical symbols.

Why do the elements have symbols?

The symbols are universal and the names are different in each language

What is chemical symbols used for?

Chemical symbols are used to represent elements.