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strengthen the power of the federal government

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Andrew Jackson and his followers believed that the United States needed to?

Strengthen the power of the federal government--I think, since that is the core of the Democratic party (which basically started with Jackson and his followers).

What negative things did Andrew Jackson?

Andrew Jackson had a policy that the Native Americans needed to be removed from ancestral lands or die.

How did jacksonian democracy view industrialization?

The Jacksonian democracy viewed industrialization as a good thing. Jackson believed that it was needed in order for the country's economy to thrive.

DO you think that Andrew Jackson was right to act without orders?

Yes, he knew what the United States needed most and therefore he made a decision and acted upon it.

Why was Jackson considered a man of the people?

Andrew Jackson was considered a man of the people because he was a common man and gave other common men what they needed. He became the very first non-aristocrat president of the United States.

How many more electoral votes would Jackson of needed to win 1824?

In the 1824 presidential election an individual needed to receive at least 131 electoral votes out of the 261 total electoral votes to win the presidency. Andrew Jackson received 99 electoral votes. He needed 32 more electoral votes to win the U.S. presidency.

What did the Indian Removal Act call for and why did Jackson support it?

The Indian Removal Act called for the exile of Native Americans from their ancestral lands. President Jackson supported it because he believed the Native Americans were troublesome and needed to be removed from the picture.

What did early followers of Judaism Islam and Christianity have in common?

They all needed to trade to get what they needed

How did Andrew Jackson meet his wife?

When Jackson first came to the Nashville area he found room and at his wifes's mother's blockhouse, She was a recent widow and she needed men around to protect her from Indian raids. He met Rachel, who already married at her mother's house.

Which president started the spoils system?

Andrew Jackson made the spoils system obvious and carried it to a greater extreme. However, other presidents no doubt did more or less what Jackson did, namely get rid of people who were against him and replace them with people who were on his side. Jackson had more people against him than most and he had more people to thank for the office to which he had established strong claims to four years before, but which was denied by political dealing. He declared and probably believed that no special ability was needed to do government jobs and so they might have as well be his supporters.

Antifederalists believed this was needed?

Bill of Rights

Which group believed the new republic needed a strong central government?

Federalists believed the new republic needed a strong central government.

What did black nationalists believe?

They believed that African americans needed to live apart from whites.

Why did the Aztecs believed in human sacrifice?

The most usual answer for this is that they believed that the blood of the sacrificial victims was needed to keep the universe going. It is said that they believed that the sun needed to be nourished with this blood or else it would be destroyed.

A Mitchell Palmer believed he needed to protect Americans from what?

He believed he needed to protect Americans from radicalists and communists. They were a threat to American during World War 1.

Who believed that the Bill of Rights was needed?

James Madison

The Aztecs believed the sun needed what?

They belived that the sun needed human blood so that is why they sacrificed it

What were some of Andrew Jackson's prejudices?

Jackson believed in the ability of the “common man” to participate in government. He made use of the spoils system to reward his supporters. Jacksonian Democracy believed in equal opportunity extended to white males. The attitude towards women, children, Blacks, and Indians were typical of the time. Jacksonian Democracy also believed in the supremacy of the power of the national government over states’ rights advocates. Jackson was in favor of public education but he was anti-intellectual. He disliked the Bank of the United States claiming it was the bank for the wealthy and harmed the economy and the middle and lower economic classes. He disliked aristocracy and favored the "common man" to accomplish what was needed to keep the nation safe, economically growing, and expanding.

How many more electoral votes did Jackson get than he needed to win the election?

Andrew Jackson lost the election of 1824 even though he received the largest number of popular votes and electoral votes. Andrew Jackson received 99 electoral votes. He needed an additional 32 electoral votes to win the election. In the 1824 presidential election an individual needed to receive at least 131 electoral votes out of the 261 total electoral votes. Andrew Jackson received 99 electoral votes, John Quincy Adams received 84 electoral votes, William Crawford received 41 electoral votes, and Henry Clay received 37 electoral votes. The popular vote totals were Andrew Jackson 151,271 (42.9%), John Quincy Adams 113,122 (32.1%), Henry Clay 47,531 (13.5%), and William Crawford 40,856 (11.6%). Since no candidate received the required majority of 131 electoral votes, the president was elected by the U.S. House of Representatives in accordance with the Twelfth Amendment of the United States Constitution. John Quincy Adams won the election in the U.S. House of Representatives.

What Group that believed a strong central government was needed?


Why was Roger Sherman a federalist?

He believed that we needed a stronger government

Why did the Romans use such an inhuman way to kill Spartacus's followers?

Because Spartcus and his followers had humiliated the Empire, and the Emperor needed to show he was in charge by killing the rebels in a obvious way.

How is the spoils system different from what presidents had done?

Andrew Jackson is considered as the starter of the spoils system. What he did was to replace nearly all the government employees he appointed with men of his choosing. He believed that no special talent was needed to government jobs, so why not put in people that had helped him get elected. What was different was the huge extent of his turnover and the party partisanship of his appointees. Past Presidents had replaced key positions but left in tact the majority of low level employees. Jackson cleaned house, so to speak, and used his men for the replacements.

What Inspired the Native American Removal Act?

Um no, Andrew Jackson didn't hate the Indians. Basically, us Americans decided that we needed the land the Indians were on for gold and colonization so we just moved the Indians out and to Oklahoma (mostly).

Most progressives believed that the nation needed what?

political and economic reform