Animal food chains

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give some animals in a chain of the plant,herbivours, caronvors,carnovors

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Q: Animal food chains
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Related questions

How are food chains formed?

A Food Chain is formed when an animal eats an animal.

What is often at the bottom of the food chains?

an animal

Is animal food pyramid the same as energy pyramid?

food chains

Why are food webs are formed from food chains?

Food chains merge together to form food webs. This is because each animal eats more than one species of plant or animal.

Do any food chains end with herbivores?

No because a food chain ends with an animal eating another animal

What are the animals that are in some food chains?

Every animal is part of some food chain.

What is a predator in food chains?

An animal that kills and eats other animals

Why is it more common to find short food chains than long food chains?

The predator of one animal is usually very strong, making it hard for another animal to adapt to preying on it.

How does food chain works?

food chains work by one animal eats another and then it shows the eaten animal before it what that animal eats and so on

How are food chains and food webs related?

food chains show how the energy from eating another animal is passed on. food webs just show who eats who and who the top predators are. Sorcha :)

Can animals belong to several food chains?

Well in my ways each animal belongs to one food chains first there would be the carnivors and then herbivors and plants. Herbivor means and is an animal that eats plants. Carnivor is an animal that eats meat.

What are food chains that overlap?

food chains that overlap I think are called overlapping food chains. Food chains that overlap are called overlapping food chains.

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