Food Chains and Food Webs

Animal food chains?


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give some animals in a chain of the plant,herbivours, caronvors,carnovors


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A Food Chain is formed when an animal eats an animal.

Food chains merge together to form food webs. This is because each animal eats more than one species of plant or animal.

No because a food chain ends with an animal eating another animal

Every animal is part of some food chain.

The predator of one animal is usually very strong, making it hard for another animal to adapt to preying on it.

food chains work by one animal eats another and then it shows the eaten animal before it what that animal eats and so on

food chains show how the energy from eating another animal is passed on. food webs just show who eats who and who the top predators are. Sorcha :)

An animal that kills and eats other animals

Well in my ways each animal belongs to one food chains first there would be the carnivors and then herbivors and plants. Herbivor means and is an animal that eats plants. Carnivor is an animal that eats meat.

Food chains and food webs, are the circle of life. It is when a smaller animal gets eaten by a bigger animal and then a bigger animal eats that one and etc. e.g- bugs eat particles- meerkats eat bugs- eagle eats meerkat. They are two different things

food chains that overlap I think are called overlapping food chains. Food chains that overlap are called overlapping food chains.

Short food chains mean that your food is close to the source. All food ultimately comes from plants. If you eat a vegetarian animal, it was raised on plants. If you eat a carnivorous animal, you are eating an animal who has eaten another animal who ate a plant. Eating a carnivorous animal makes you part of a longer food chain than if you eat plants directly.

All food chains begin with a plant and ends with an animal (humans fall under animals) Example:grass ~ grasshopper ~ toad ~ snake ~ hawk

Animal food chains: planton ;fish ;and bear insect food chains:grass;grasshopper;squirrel;rabbit plant food chains:grass;grasshopper;grass and berries; rabbit;berries;bear

Most animals eat more than one plant or animal. So a variety of food chains get linked together.

food chains are sequences of who eats whom. a food web is a bunch of food chains that are related.

Usually food chains go as high as the tertiary consumer (animals that eats an animal that eats another animal that eats a herbivore). Besides the fact that food chains are an over simplification (it's more like food web interactions and not one linear chain) it's not a static concept. For instance, humans can be high in one food chain, but we still can get eaten by another animal. Case by case analysis.

Food chains have mass-produced food with artificial ingredients. Many people avoid food chains because the quality of their food is not good.

food chains are generally short,most food chains have anywhere from 3 or 4 chains are generally short,most food chains have anywhere from 3 or 4 links.4 types

Food chains are alike Because all food chains show how animals eat other animals

Food webs are different chains mixed.

Where energy is lost in food chains.

Yes, many food chains overlap

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