Black Holes

Another name for black holes?

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Black holes are also called frozen stars, degenerate stars, and gravitationally collapsed stars.

It can also call 'invisible star'.

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How did black holes get its name?

They got the name Black Holes because they suck in light. That's why they are called Black Holes.

What is another name for black holes?

not sure but i guess you could call it an imploded neutron star

Do black holes effetc the solar system?

Stellar black holes usually don't make a disturbance but super-massive black holes are another story.

What was the name of the person who discovered black holes?

Karl Schwarzschild discovered black holes.

What scientists have their name to researching of black holes?

Steven Hawking is researching black holes right now.

What is the scientific name for black holes?

They have several names. We can call them black holes, supermassive black holes, Singularities. The size of the black holes may vary and can be measured by their pull of gravity and their radiation. (Not that I want to go close for such a task)

How did blackholes get their name?

black holes have such great gravity that nothing, not even light can escape them. That is why they were named "black holes".

Name the places where holes were discovered?

Holes, which include black holes and ozone holes were discovered in the space and atmosphere respectively.The black hole was discovered in the space and ozone holes were discovered above the Antarctica.

Were did black holes get there name?

The term "Black hole" first appeared in print in an article by Ann Ewing in "Black Holes in Space" published in 1964.

How do black holes get their name?

They get their names from the way that they look.

Give the name of one of the black holes?

Usually they don't name black holes, it's just the sources that are associated with them. The black hole associated with our galaxy, the Milky Way has the designation Sag A, but as the previous post says, it is the name of the radio source associated with it, since black holes by definition are not observable, only the evidence of their existence is.

What has the same mass as a black hole?

A lot of things, actually. The term 'black hole' is applied to an object whose gravitation pull is sufficiently great to prevent light from escaping. Because the magnitude of the gravitational force that one body exerts upon another is, partly, a function of the distance separating the two bodies, black holes can exist at a variety of sizes. There is, for example, a class of black holes known as 'Micro black holes.' These are objects with a radius smaller than 0.1mm (or 100 micrometers, hence the name), with a mass up to that of the Moon. Another class of black holes, called 'Stellar black holes', can have a mass up to that of the Sun, and a radius of up to 30km.

Name five galaxies believed to have black holes?

Pick anyone and there will be black hole in it.

Can a black hole absorb another black hole?

Yes, two black holes can combine/absorb each other.

Is black holes bigger than galaxies?

Well, there are two kinds of black holes. The normal black holes and the supermassive black holes. The supermassive black holes are a billion times bigger then our sun, while normal black holes are the same size as the Earth.

What were black holes before they turned into black holes?

stellar black holes were stars (these are large)primordial black holes were pieces of the big bang (these are microscopic)

Is the universe being consumed by the galactic black holes?

Even though black holes suck through parts of the universe, the universe is inevitably big, and growing so as the universe is being sucked into another dimension by black holes, it is also expanding.

What are the different kinds of black holes?

There is only 1 type of black holes called black holes.

Are black holes the door to another universe?

Yes.They attract everything and then the thing may another universe

Why are black hole?

Black holes aren't holes, but attract objects just like holes.Black holes are in the middle of most galaxies.Black holes start by supernovas, which are giant explosians.

The names of the black holes?

do you mean like stellar black hole,miniature black holes, and super nova black holes.

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