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Another word for fusion?

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What is another word for update?

Update is a fusion of "Up-to-date" there isn't another word for update.

Another word for melting ice?

the scientific word for melting is fusion.

What is another word for connect?

fusion and combine and there alots of others

Another word for alloy?

Composite, fusion, compound, amalgam...

What is the Dutch word for fusion?

fusie is the dutch word for fusion.

What is the french word for fusion?

la fusion (fem.)

What is nuclear de-fusion?

A word with no meaning like "de-fusion" cannot be defined.

Is there another fusion fall 2?

No!! There is only 1 Fusion fall!!!

What is another word for merger?

Union, mix, mixture, fusion, admixture, amalgam, amalgamation, blend, consolidation, combination.

What is the base word for the word fusion?


What word ends with ion?


What is a fusion cell?

A cell that has fused with another cell through a process called cellular fusion.

What is a catchy name for a paintball team that fused with another team?

Nuclear Fusion, Nukes, or Fusion.

What is a sentence for the word inter fusion?

The inter fusion of two helium atoms creates a hydrogen atom. This is an example using inter fusion.

Word in space start with f?


Fuel for a fusion reaction is?

In a word, Hydrogen.

What is the root-word for fusion?


What is an other word for freezing?

Another word for freezing is fusion. We just did this on an exam review and I found it at the website below ;)[url='']Another word for freezing[/url]I am not sure if I did that bb code correctly if not here is just the website

What is the difference in the processKEY WORD of fission and fusion?

in atomic science, fission is the splitting of atoms, fusion is the fusing of atoms

How is fusion different from melting?

Fusion is melting. It's just a different, more fancy, word for the same thing.

What kind of reaction can change an element into another?

Fusion or fission.

Why does the fusion of hydrogen to helium a reaction in stars?

The nuclear fusion of hydrogen to helium is a chemical reaction as one element is converted to another.

What F-word is defined as nuclear reaction in physics?

The word you're looking for is... Fusion

Another word for introduce?

another word for introduce another word for introduce another word for introduce

What are good examples of fusion cuisine?

Tex-Mex is a good example of fusion cuisine. Using wasabi on pot roast is another example.