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24 pins
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What is a 25-pin connector used to connect a printer called?

A printer cable can connect to a serial printer using a 25-pin "RS-232", DB-25 connector, among other things. In many cases, only a few pins of the defined 25 pins are used (e.g., send, receive, common). There are also adapters that convert between the 25-pin connector and, say, RJ-11 phone cord, RJ ( Full Answer )

Sdram uses how many pins?

Answer . quote wikipedia: "Chips are made with a variety of data bus sizes (most commonly 4, 8 or 16 bits), but chips are generally assembled into 168-pin DIMMs that read or write 64 (non-ECC) or 72 ( ECC ) bits at a time." answer: 168

How many pins are supposed to be hot in the fuel pump connector 1990 bronco II?

one, But it will not be "hot" just because the key is on, The ECM comtrols it, So it will only be hot for A second when the key is turned on then again after motor is running.. If you are trying to test the power supply, You need help, use A test light disconnect the connector, Have someone crank t ( Full Answer )

How use 25 pin connector as Com 2 in laptop?

Pins 2, 3 and 7 are used for communication on your RS232 ports. While other pins are used, most are just for protocol (RTS, CTS, and other pins for more advanced communication) The link below gives more information on the subject.

What is a P1 power connector?

The P1 power connector is the first ATX power supplies andmotherboards used a single power connector. It also has 20 pins.

What is the pinout of the 16-pin OBD-II connector on a 1995 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight - it is actually OBD-1 using the obd-ii connector?

Some auto makers starting using OBDII prior to 1996. In the door panel or under the hood there will be a sticker stating the vehicle is OBDII compliant.. However, this does NOT apply to certain 1994 and 1995 GM cars, which are OBDI systems but use the same connector as the OBDII systems. GM OBDI sy ( Full Answer )

What chipset does atx use?

ATX is a form factor. It does not dictate a specific chipset; anything from the now ancient 440BX to a Q57 can be used in an ATX system.

How many pins does the IEEE 1394 connector have?

The number of connectors will depend on which version of this serial bus interface you are considering. It will have either 4, 6 or 9 circuits (pins) depending on which "flavor" of the FireWire standard you are applying. Use the link below to review the standards and look at some pictures.

What is a p1 connector?

A P1 connector is a power connector found on ATX power supplies. It is used to provide main power to the motherboard, and to control ACPI functionality (tell the power suppy to turn off and back on).

How many pins does a video connector have?

A common video graphic adapter (VGA) has 15 pins. This has been thestandard for at least 20 years. Many new monitors come with HDMIconnections today.

How many pins does a firewire connector have?

A FireWire connector can have 4, 6, or 9 pins depending on the plugtype. While 4-pin connectors carry data only, 6-pin and 9-pinconnectors carry power and data.

Does a DE9 connector use all 9 pins?

\n. \nEach pin are assigned a name that carry a specific signal which are: CD, Rx, Tx, RTS, GND, DSR, RTS, CTS, & RI.\n. \nMost common application only uses Tx, Rx,& GND (pins 2, 3 & 5) and the rest are left unconnected (NC).\n. \nTry searching DB-9 instead. DE-9 (which is the right name) almost ( Full Answer )

What type of Device would use an 80-pin connector?

SCSI Harddrive: . 80-pin Connector The SCA interface was designed to provide a standard connection for systems using hot swappable drives. SCA interface drives connect to a SCSI backplane that provides power, configuration settings such as SCSI ID, and termination of the SCSI bus.

What is a 20-pin connector?

Many different connectors can have 20 pins. Some examples of these are: . ATX power supply connectors . JTAG cables (used for programming embedded devices) . A proprietary OBDII connector found in some BMW vehicles . HDMI cables / connectors (used for high-definition video) . Very old Apple f ( Full Answer )

Fast SCSI-2 has how many pins in its connector?

First of all, remember that SCSI II is obsolete and is not used today or rarely. SCSCI II stands for Small Computer System Interface (Revision 2) SCSI II operates with a 32-bit data bus with an A cable and a B cable . The A cable consisted of a 50 pin Centronics connector. Pin outs here: http: ( Full Answer )

How many pins used in bowling?

There are 10 pins in a game of bowling. Its shaped like a pyramid 4 on the bottom, 3 next, then 2, and on top 1. 4+3+2+1=10.

What is a atx connector?

ATX is the form factor which Motherboards, Computer Cases and Graphics Cards use to standardise sizing. An ATX form-factor Motherboard will fit an ATX Case, and an ATX Graphics Card will fit in the case as well.

How many pins does standard serial port have?

A common serial port has either nine pins (by far the most common) or sometimes on very old equipment 25 pins. It turns out that they are completely compatible with a very simple adapter... the older standard just used a wider connector. The nine pins are arranged in two offset rows. The port (on ( Full Answer )

How many pins are there in an S-video connector?

Four + shield. S-Video is a step-up from Composite video which uses only two pins to transmit a composite (which means luminance (brightness) and chroma (color) signals 'mixed' in such a way to transmit them over one pair of cables). S-Video separates these two signals, so it needs four pins -- one ( Full Answer )

What is a 9 pin serial connector used for?

a 9-pin serial port used to be used a a very large network connection via a null cable be for and after coxail netowrking and ethernet cabling... It was also used for Mouse and some minor peripherials device of input and som output devces... long long ago in a desktop far awa :) lol I feel old awnse ( Full Answer )

How do you get an answer on answercom?

It's easy! You just ask your question on the bar line on the top ofthe screen and the answer will come up something though sometimespeople don't answer them.

What device uses 12v 6 pin connector?

A six in or in some cases, eight pin, power connection are used by various video cards which are almost universally PCI Express cards. These are needed to supply power when the card's require more then 75 watt power provided by the PCI Express slot itself. These are the six pin and eight pin 12v ( Full Answer )

Why does incompatibility occur when form factor is based on ATX design and Standard ATX design?

ATX (Advanced Technology Extended), is a standard for all personal computer motherboards, computer chassis and PSUs (power supply unit), ensuring a high-degree of compatibility with regards motherboard mounting points, the power supply to the motherboard and motherboard connectivity with peripherals ( Full Answer )

How many holes are there in a standard ten pin bowling ball?

A bowling ball doesn't have any holes in the manufacturing stage. The most common number of holes drilled is 3 - 2 fingers and a thumb. In the early days and sometimes found today, there is only one finger and a thumb. If there's been some hand injury, sometimes an extra finger hole is drilled. ( Full Answer )

How many holes are there in a standard ten pin bowling bowl?

There are three holes in a standard ten pin bowling ball. One of them is for your thumb and the other two can be filled with various charms and tokens for good luck while rolling your ball. Such charms can include rabbit feet, four-leaf clovers, and souvenir sand from your favorite beach. Just pleas ( Full Answer )

How many pins can there be in an S-Video connector?

S-video uses two signals each carried by a co-ax cable. There are a total of four connections and some interfaces use a three pin connector and tie together the two screens of the cable. The three pin solution works well at short distances but is not considered the right way to run long distances.

How many pins does a IDE-EIDE connector have?

The IDE/EIDE connector is a 40-pin connector that has been one ofthe most widely used connectors used on IBM compatible computers.Today, this connector is being replaced by the SATA connector.