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Antibiotics not working abscess?

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I'm having the same issue half of my face is swollen from the infection. I had a root canal done a couple if years ago and apparently the dentist didn't do it correctly and now I have been going through 6 days of non stop pain! Defiantly the worst week of my life! I've been to 2 different dentist an urgent care also the emergency room! I've take so many pills that my stomach is starting to hurt really bad! My dentist told me I need to have a Root Canal Retreatment done. Basically redo the root canal but here's the catch redoing the root canal has only a 50% success rate so this can help or can not! The other choice is to cut the gum and start from the root that's more effective. And if all else fails, Extraction is your last option and get a bone graph and put in implant! I'm still going through the pain while I'm typing this but I hope you feel better ASAP and good luck!

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What helps with a toothe abscess?


How do you cure abscess teeth?

Antibiotics and Dentist

Can i have an abcess if i don't have teeth just dentures?

yes. not a tooth abscess, but a gum abscess. These need to be treated with antibiotics.

What antibiotics are used for abscess tooth?

Usually oral penicillins or erythromycin.

How long does it take for an abscess to go away after a tooth extraction?

how quick does a abscess take 2 go away when you are taking antibiotics

Can a dental abscess be deadened with novocaine?

It depends. It depends on the location of the abscess, the size of the abscess, and the nature of the abscess. Frequently, a dentist will put a patient on a regimen of antibiotics and pain pills for a few days to bring the abscess down so the local anesthetic will be effective.

How can you cure tooth abscess?

A dentist will usually prescribe you antibiotics (to help reduce the infection). Then you may need the tooth removed. Which does cure the abscess.

What is the treatment for a lung abscess?

triple antibiotics like gentamycine,metriondazole and ceftazidin

How to treat a big abscess near vagina?

can be treated by antibiotics such as augmentin or amoxicilin.

How long does it take for antibiotics to work on a tooth abscess?

5 days to a week.

How is lung abscess treated?

Lung abscess is treated with a combination of antibiotic drugs, oxygen therapy, and surgery. The antibiotics that are usually given for lung abscess are penicillin G, penicillin V, and clindamycin.

Is it safe to be anaesthetised with an abscess?

While it is safe to be anaesthetised with an abscess, the anesthetic may not be as effective. The abscess changes the PH of the blood and causes the anesthetic to be less profound. It is always best to undergo a course of antibiotics prior to having the abscess treated.

What antibiotics are recommended for an abscess?

You should really get a test done of the abscess (culture and sensitivity). Most are mixed bacterial. Any of the penicillin family to start.

How do you cure celulitus?

cellulitis is treated with antibiotics. If it progresses to an abscess it will require incision and drainage

What antibiotics for gluteal abscess?

cephalexin capsule 500 mg. 12 hourly will do the action

What is a large abscess in the sigmoid colon and how is it treated?

An abscess is an infected site with pus. It is treated with antibiotics. The sigmoid colon is the part where it curves around in an S shape.

What is the prognosis of a lung abscess?

About 95% of lung abscess patients can be treated successfully with antibiotics alone. Patients who need surgical treatment have a mortality rate of 10-15%.

How do you treat abscesses from IV drug use?

The only way to treat an abscess is with antibiotics from a doctor.

What can you take for a tooth abscess?

Antibiotics to kill the infection, then you need to get a root canal procedure done. The abscess can come back if the root canal is not properly cleaned and filled by a dentist.

Can a abscess tooth give you a sore throat?

as a abscess is a infection the infection can indeed spread and cause a sore throat Visit your Doctor they will probably prescribe antibiotics if they have already not done so.

Why do antibiotics stop working?


How can you make an abscess go down on a dog?

The Vet needs to remove the tooth that"s causing it followed by antibiotics.

Will Cipro help abscesses?

That depends on the cause, but normally an abscess benefits at least as much from being drained as from antibiotics.

How does a dentist fix an abscess tooth?

Some dentists like to approach it with a regiment of antibiotics, while others prefer to cut open the abscess and allow it to drain. It will depend on your current dentist's preferences and practices.

What is a breast abscess?

A breast abscess (also called a breast infection) is a pus-filled area under the skin, similar to a boil. Engorgement, which occurs during breast feeding, mastitis or a plugged duct can lead to an abscess. Treatment is usually surgical drainage and a course of antibiotics.

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