Antibiotics not working abscess?

I'm having the same issue half of my face is swollen from the infection. I had a root canal done a couple if years ago and apparently the dentist didn't do it correctly and now I have been going through 6 days of non stop pain! Defiantly the worst week of my life! I've been to 2 different dentist an urgent care also the emergency room! I've take so many pills that my stomach is starting to hurt really bad! My dentist told me I need to have a Root Canal Retreatment done. Basically redo the root canal but here's the catch redoing the root canal has only a 50% success rate so this can help or can not! The other choice is to cut the gum and start from the root that's more effective. And if all else fails, Extraction is your last option and get a bone graph and put in implant! I'm still going through the pain while I'm typing this but I hope you feel better ASAP and good luck!