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Antifreeze is leaking from the intake manifold what causes this?


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most time it is caused by intake gasket failure


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Intake manifold gaskets are leaking, intake manifold is warped.

Because it 's leaking- OIL, ANTIFREEZE, or vacume leak

Could be the intake manifold gaskets are leaking.

intake manifold gasket is leaking. They are famous for it around 80000 miles

If it is leaking from a bad head gasket, it is because of a bad head gasket. If it is leaking from a bad intake manifold gasket, it is because of a bad intake manifold gasket.

Loose hose connectors, damaged hoses, bad head or intake manifold gasket, punctured radiator or reservoir... all depends on where it's leaking at.

cry because its probaly lower intake manifold leaking which is 500-700 to fix

it could be a head leaking or the intake manifold, if its coming from the very top its most likely the intake manifold gasket

Yes. Antifreeze is actually pumped through the intake manifold. If the gasket is bad it is possible that it leaks out

It's probably leaking from a bad intake manifold gasket. You could be leaking from the heater hose that comes out of the firewall very close to the manifold. They sometimes leak there and drip down on the manifold. If it drips on a coil, it can eventually ruin the coil. It happened to me.


Is it water ( condensation ) or is it antifreeze. If it is antifreeze it should be smoking WHITE out of the exhaust pipe and if it is then you have either a blown head gasket or a leaking Intake manifold gasket.

bad vacuum hoses or leaking intake manifold gaskets.

AnswerCheck the water pump. If the water pump bearing is worn out there will be a streak of antifreeze leaking from the bottom of the input shaft.Another prime area for coolant leaks is the intake manifold gaskets. The original gaskets fail at the front corners where the intake manifold meets the heads.

Blown head gasket, cracked head, failed intake manifold, etc

Intake manifold is leaking, or worse, cracked cylinder most likely tho, the intake manifold.

Need more info.- make / model / engine... Could be a leaking seal in a turbo, leaking / blown intake plenum gasket, fault crankcase vent valve, etc.

A leaking spark plug wire can cause a backfire out of the intake, but the most common cause is a burned intake valve. A burnt intake valve will allow leakage during the compression stroke back through the intake causing a popping backfire out of the intake manifold.

Yes, you need to replace your intake gaskets.

I have a 1996 Cougar XR7 that was leaking, and it turned out it was the intake manifold. Was leaking in front of the passenger side on the back. New one was 480.00. Dang car has always had a leak somewhere since it was bought new.

Most likely cause is the intake manifold gasket-antifreeze will usually leak down the back of the engine and drip off of the starter or somewhere in that area.

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