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the Jeep should hold only half of water and half antifreeze. If it still leaks than you should replace the housing that holds the antifreeze and you can always get it cheaper at the salvage yards.

you might want to check the water pump. look for a leak just under the pump. either the seal or a small hole in the housing. if the leak is out of the hole then replace the pump.

that is my guess cause there needs to be more info on problem.

  • Agree that more info is required for a reasonable answer. Typically leaks toward the front of the engine bay can be as simple as a loose clamp, a hole in a coolant hose, leak from the radiator, etc... depends upon just where it is dripping. Leaks toward the middle or rear of the engine bay can be from a loose clamp, loose intake manifold bolts, blown head gasket, leaky freeze plugs, etc.
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Q: Antifreeze water under 1997 Jeep Cherokee?
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What coolant liquid should be used for a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

a 50/50 mixture of a good quality antifreeze (Prestone etc.) and water

Where is the most probable location of an antifreeze leak on a 1997 Honda Accord the leak is pure antifreeze from the front passenger side under the car next to the tire?

water pump

How much antifreeze goes into a 1997 cutluss?

One gallon of antifreeze mixed with half water

There are no busted hoses and no overheating but coolant leaks in 1997 jeep Cherokee sport what could it be?

Look just below the water pump to see if any antifreeze is visible. Water pumps will sometimes leak and drip out antifreeze. Check the engine oil to see if antifreeze is mixed with the oil, indicating a blown head gasket.

1997 Jeep Cherokee jack?

under the rear seat

What type of antifreeze do you put in a 1997 dodge ram?

It uses green. Add it in a 50-50 antifreeze and distilled water mixture.

How much antifreeze does a 1997 Honda CR-V?

How much antifreeze is in a 1997 Honda crv

What type of antifreeze is recommended 1997 jeep?

A 1997 Jeep uses the regular green antifreeze.

Jack location for 97 jeep grand Cherokee?

The jack is located under the rear seat on my 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

AntiFreeze leak on 1997 Chrysler Sebring?

probably the coolant tube under the manifold. it is only available from the dealer

Where is the diagnostic connector on a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

under the dash right hand side.

Why would a 1997 Jeep Cherokee be leaking antifreeze?

A couple of reasons, faulty waterpump, leaky radiator, bad hose, bad radiator cap, thermostat housing.

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