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Antique dealer for Germain Weinachts plates?

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Yes I'm sure some antique shops would take them.

There are many different showcase store's that offer antique plates in California. The Classic Showcase website would most likely be the most reputable resource.

I would have to say plates and furniture probubally.

Yes dealer plates can be used in other states i live near two states and see it all the time, my friend has a car lot and uses the dealer tags year around on his "personal" ride.

No, they don't allow number plates in America since a young boy was killed by one in 1962.

There are several websites that one can buy an antique oyster plates. These websites include Virginia Antiques, Kobels, Ruby Lane, and Garden and Gun.

Sure you can, if you are a dealer or working for the dealership, with all proper paperwork for that vehicle.

This varies by state. In Colorado, any vehicle older than 25 years qualifies for the "Collector Vehicle" plates.

The retailer Belles Beaux & Gifts carries antique pewter items from the 1700s and 1800s. They have plates, cups, trophies and mugs amongst other items. It is also possible to find antique pewter items on eBay and other auction sites.

If you have seen an antique shop, stop there and ask? GOOD LUCK!! ;]

25 years old or older in Ontario, the price of the plates drops from $90 to $18

elvis plates could cost a few bucks depending on how old they are and what condion there in. take them to an antique shop. I want to put in the bradex number and see their worth.

Bristol Silver is a particular type of silver. It is an antique type of silver that is usually used for framing certain plates and pictures.

I have. I don't think you can drive out of the country with them though. (ie. Canada, Mexico)

* Insurance * Sales Tax * Registration * license plates * Dealer prep charges

To get the most money for your plates, you will want to make sure that you have the outer packaging and certificate of authenticity. Check the value of your plates on Collectibles Market Guide & Price Index so you know what to expect when selling your plates. You can then decide to place a classified ad in plate collecting magazine or take your plates to antique stores or flea markets.

The dealer-issued paper licenses are generally valid for thirty days. This of course may be different in particular areas. The paper should have an expiration date on it. You have until the paper expires, usually with a small grace period, to install official plates. put "private dealer". Is he a dealer or a Private Party? For the future it would help to know what state you are in. Not all states offer temp tags. The dealer made a sale. Ask him to drive it home for you with his dealer plates on. Better yet, you should insure and register it.

Dealers only normally put you plates on if they are transferred form another vehicle. But some will register the car for you and put the plates on. It's pretty much a given thing anymore that they do.

You can call your local dealer with your VIN and they will tell you if you have any open recalls. I can not find any window recall. They did extend the warranty on certain window regulator lift plates.You can call your local dealer with your VIN and they will tell you if you have any open recalls. I can not find any window recall. They did extend the warranty on certain window regulator lift plates.

A vehicle is a classic at 25 yrs old historic is 30yrs After 20 years,so 2008 would be a classic.After 25 years it is an antique,and you can get historical plates for it

The dealership will likely know to return the plates (and stickers) to the state, on your behalf. (They deal in this sort of thing, for a living.) You can contact the dealer to make sure.

It is not the Dealer that is the problem, they have to mail in the paper work to the STATE and that is what takes time. Between the postal service and the state workers can sometimes take more than five days, the new title has to be made and mailed with the plate. if it only took five days then that was fast. when you get to near the end of your temp tag contact the dealer or call them every day if you are worried, they can let you know what progress is being made. Or you can do it yourself by taking the paperwork to the office of DMV of course then the Dealer will not be able to charge you a fee for getting you your license plates.

Usually it is up to the buyer to register and buy plates for their state for a newly purchased automobile. This is not the dealers responsibility.

I would say yes. It would just require transferring plates. DMV does that or the dealer may even do it for you.

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