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Antonym of aroma?

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Aroma is from what language?


What part of speech is aroma?

Aroma is a noun.

What is the smell of the food called?

Aroma The smell of the food is called "Aroma". We say, "This food has a good aroma", or we say, "That this food is aromatic!"

What type of noun is aroma?

aroma is a concrete noun.

Aroma 9 letters?

A word meaning aroma with nine letters is fragrance. Other words that also mean aroma are scent, and odor. A fragrance, or aroma, is something you can smell.

What does aroma means?

An Aroma is the scent which surrounds or emanates from something.

What is the population of Aroma Province?

The population of Aroma Province is 86,480.

What is a sentence using the word aroma?

Answer:"The aroma of food permeated throughout the house, causing my mouth to water." Answer:"I like the aroma of perfume."

Which is a synonym of 'aroma' -scent sent or cent?


Can you use Aroma in a sentence?

the aroma was very strong that it burned my eyes.

Does barra smell?

No a nice aroma comes from him No a nice aroma comes from him

A sentence with aroma in it?

the sweet aroma of pine filled the country air.

What does Aroma mean in cooking?

Aroma means the smell of something cooking

What is the duration of The Aroma of Tea?

The duration of The Aroma of Tea is 1200.0 seconds.

Is the word aroma a concrete noun?


What is the difference between flavour and aroma?

a flavor is a taste whilst an aroma is a smell

When was To Aroma Tis Amartias created?

To Aroma Tis Amartias was created in 1996.

What are the aroma vegetables for soup?

Onion, garlic, or cabbage will add aroma to soup.

How do you write a sentence using the word aroma?

the aroma of the bread smelled delicious

When was FC Aroma Gulkevichi created?

FC Aroma Gulkevichi was created in 1989.

When did FC Aroma Gulkevichi end?

FC Aroma Gulkevichi ended in 2009.

What is the base word of aromatic?

Aroma; the definition of "aromitic" is having an aroma or fragrance

What is the antonym of synonym?

The antonym for synonym is antonym. Antonym is the word that is opposite of synonym.Antonym IS the antonym of synonym

Why can you smell the aroma of barbecue in your neighbors yard?

If they are barbecuing, the aroma carries over in the air. If they are not currently barbecuing, they probably recently had a barbecue and the aroma is coming from their grill.

How do you use the word aroma in a sentence?

I suddenly found myself following the intoxicating aroma of cooked bacon. There seems to be a curiously wonderful aroma emanating from your kitchen.