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- Kaboodle: A social network based on shopping, Kaboodle puts you in touch with other shoppers who have similar interests.

- MyItThings: A fashion magazine created by the community, MyItThings goes beyond social shopping by giving you a virtual closet to show off what you have bought.

-2threads: It is a place where anyone with a penchant for fashion can come to look, love and buy fashion all in one, easy to reach place.

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Other sites like forever unique?

I don't know of any other site's like forever unique, but I do know of a good fashion shopping site, , if any of you know of any other good fashion designer, or fashion shopping sites be sure to let us know about them

Which online shopping store is the biggest?

There are many online shopping stores. Amazon is one of the biggest overall shopping sites on the internet. ASOS is the United Kingdoms biggest fashion shopping website.

Why have a fashion business?

Millions of people around the world are interested in fashion. People spend thousands of dollars on fashion each year. There are many ways to make money with fashion not just in retail but with the web. New social shopping sites are popping up. Online sales have gone up every year. With social networking sites becoming the big thing like Facebook and MySpace social shopping combines the best of both these worlds, shopping online with your friends. Check out these social shopping sites:

How ladies fashion has changed through the years?

Fashion is going on hike through the online shopping. Through online shopping peoples can choose lovable and best product according to choice. Same as ladies fashion changed in in last few years. They have many options in fashion and Online Shopping Sites. Like : Flipkart Befunkies Snapdeal Amazon Myntra

How can you do online shopping?

Online Shopping can be done by visiting any E-Commerce Shopping Cart like an Online Shopping Site or an Online Fashion cum accessories Site. There are various Online Shopping Sites like eBay and there are also various Online Fashion Sites like AngiUSA, where Online Shopping can be done with help of Online Banking. First a customer needs to go to the Order Now Section, then add an item to the Shopping Cart Section to finally proceed towards the Online Banking Option. All this is a self-explanatory step-by-step procedure.

What are good shopping sites to buy clothing from?

Gap, Old Navy, Macy, Jcpenny, and American Eagle.

Where can one find reviews on women fashion online?

There are several sites online that give reviews on women's fashions. Most sites give various reviews on the various clothing lines, plus give the visitor the ability to purchase the clothing from their site.

What is shopping aggregators?

Most online consumers (59 percent) begin their shopping searches on aggregator sites rather than at merchant sites, according to a report conducted by BizRate Research on behalf of Shopzilla. Aggregator sites include search engines, comparison shopping sites, shopping portals, and auction sites.

Can you copyright clothing?

Not at the moment, although copyright protection for fashion comes up periodically. See the related links for information from a 2006 push to protect fashion, and check news sites for more recent action.

Is online clothes shopping safe?

Shopping for clothing online is completely safe as long as you use reputable stores that use encryption software to keep transactions safe. You won't have any troubles using most sites.

Where can you buy LiftedReasearchGroup clothing?

Check my blog out. I have a couple of sites listed that have LRG... and there will be more coming within the next couple of days.

What are some fashionable clothing stores that have online sites?

Many clothing stores have online stores now that you can order their collections from. You might want to try shopping at Old Navy, Target, Forever 21, and Hot Topic.

What is the best shopping sites if you compare the prices?

DiscountzoneIndia is one of the best shopping sites to shop online at best price.

What web sites show upcoming trends in girls' fashion?

Fashionable and cheap clothing online stores would include,,,, and You are sure to find trendy clothing of your liking.

Where can I buy trendy clothing?

There is so much available online these days when shopping for clothing. The definition of trendy could vary depending on your age and size, but some good sites I found are:

What are some great online sites for clothing shopping?

A Great website to try is I have shopped there before and they have great customer service also. Be sure to check them out today!

Types of web pages?

Website are mainly divided into two main categories are: static and interactive. Interactive sites are part of the web 2.0 community of sites, and allow people to interact with one another and engage with them but static websites only serving information and its not look like interactive at all! Types of websites: Affiliate sites Web 2.0 sites Celebrity type websites community website Corporate Sites Dating sites eCommerce sites Government Sites Gaming sites Personal website News related sites Religious sites Social Networking sites ....and many more types if I've missed in the above list!

Where can you play Family Guy Madness Interactive?

Just do a Google Search for Family Guy Madness Interactive and you'll see several sites.

Where to find platinum?

gamestop or shopping sites

Are there any good interactive dance sites?

yeah learn how to dance .com

Where can a person go to get the latest news on fashionable clothing?

Latest news on fashionable clothing can be found in many people magazines and online news sites. Vogue, Elle, and Style are all websites that give reliable information on new fashion trends.

If you want to become a fashion designer where do you start?

You can look it up on theInternet there are lots of sites which will give you course so you can do one of the sites is fashion net

Can you list sites that offer a discount on outdoor dining sets?

I would definately use They always have discounts on all kinds of furniture, toys, shoes, and clothing. They even have discounts on sites that will save you even more money when you are shopping for an item.

Where can one find a black cocktail dress?

A prized object of fashion, black cocktail dresses are great for formal events like dinners or balls. If one is unable to find them at the nearest clothing store (such as Macy's or Bebe), then they could probably resort to purchasing them online through company websites or general shopping sites like Amazon and Ebay.

Where could you sell a brand new dress online?

I think that a brand new dress can be bought online through various Shopping Sites like eBay or Amazon. It can also be bought through various Fashion Sites like AngiUSA and so on. Various Internet Search Forums like Wiki Answers can put forward search results of such Online Shopping Carts.