Any browser based mmorpgs are there?

DIY-Sports Baseball is a statistics-based Baseball MMORPG. Members are able to create players, get them signed onto teams, train and equip them as they wish and watch their career unfold through numerous baseball leagues across the world.

Seasons consist of a two day preseason for exhibition games, followed by an 82 day regular season (one day in the middle for an All-Star game) with two games played per day (a home-and-home doubleheader) for a total of 162 games per season. The regular seasons are followed by a three-round postseason with the champion and three wild card winners from each division.

The game can be played and enjoyed for free, however to get the most out of your player it is possible to purchase or acquire credits which can be applied towards superior equipment, additional skills for your player, or even taking control of your own team!

Season 4 is about to start! If you join, you can start fresh like everyone else and have a full season under your belt! Here's the link to the game: