Any good jokes?

TV shop

A blonde walks into a eletcronics shop and says can I have the tv behind the counter please?

The man says no sorry we don't serve blondes in here..

The lady gave a long sigh and went into a hairdressers and got her hair dyed brown.

She went back in to the other shop and asked the man again can I have the tv behind the counter?

The man replied no again and said sorry we don't serven blondes in here.

The lady then says look I'm not blonde while shaking a bit of her brown hair.

The man at the counter says... you are blonde !!.. that's not a tv its a microwave.


If a blonde and a brunette were about to jump of a cliff

who would hit the ground first?

Easy..!! the brunettte.. the blonde would stop and ask for directions.


Two girls are walking down the street and see a boy with green hair.

they ask him why its green and he replys because i dyed it..

the walk on and see a girl with green hair and ask her the same question.. she also replys because i dyed it..

they walk on and see another boy with green hair and ask him the same question..

he simply wipes his nose upwards till his hand it at his hair and says I don't know..


how do you get a blonde to commit suicide?

put her in a circular room with a gun and tell her to find a corner!

Train tracks

A blonde passed by two brunettes. they were standing on a train track yelling, "42, 42,

42!" the blonde asked, "can i join you?" they brunettes said "sure" so they were all

yelling "42 42 42" then a train started to come. all the brunettes stepped backward,

and the blonde stayed on the track yelling "42 42 42!" so the train hit her. Then the brunettes started yelling, "43 43 43


3 women had just died a red head and brunette and a blonde, an angle said to them at the gates of heaven, now I'll let you in if you can hear one 100 of my jokes without laughing. The three women repiled yea ok sure, so the angel told 10 jokes and the brunette laughed and went to hell, then the angel told 50 jokes and the red head laughed and went to hell, on the 99th joke the blonde laughed and went to hell, before she went the angel asked why did you laugh you where about to make it, the blonde replied with, oh I just got the first one!