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More then likey the bulbs need to be replaced.each indicator has its own bulb.

The bulbs are cheap $0.83 cents each. I bought mine from a internet supplier in Arizona:

The Benz service manual says that in order to remove the instrument cluster you must first deactivate the airbag system to protect yourself in case the air bag deployed accidentally. I leave it to you to find out how.

First move steering column completely out of the way. Out and down all the way.To replace bulbs you need to remove the instrument cluster wich is very simple. Simply pull out by inserting two small hooks, one on each end of instrument cluster and pull until the hole cluster is out.Then proceed to inspect light bulbs by twisting the off one at a time until you find the faulty ones. Replace as needed.

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Q: Any idea why the outside temp and mileage and multifunction indicator is not illuminating?
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