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Herters was an importer headquartered in Minnesota from the early 1960's to 1979. I don't know of any way to find the actual manufacturer, but it is probably a close copy of some Smith & Wesson model, so a gunsmith could look through his spare parts bin and maybe come out with a pair that would (or he could modify to) fit.

J.P. Sauer was making some handguns for Herter back in the 60s. I have Herter 44Mag SA made by Sauer.


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Information on herters shotgun chokes?

Herter's sold various maker's products with their name on them.

Are 223 rem cal Herters rifles still manufactured?

It is my understanding that Herters only made rifles in the mid to late 60s and were sold mainly via mail order direct from them with a few stores selling as well. The Gun Control Act of 1968 pretty much marked the end of Herters rifles.

Where can I find Herters gun parts?

Do a Google search on Herter's Parts. You'll get hits.

How much is herters 6mm rifle 1960 worth?

Depending on condition, $150-$200.

Need firing pin for a herters 22calsingle action pistol?

You need the services of a good gunsmith or machinist

What is a herters single action handgun serial?

Herter's was an importer, not a manufacturer. No published sn data on what they imported.

Where can I find a replacement gun stock for a Herters Model U9 6 mm?

Herters was the importer, not the maker- and has been out of business since the 1970s. I believe those rifles were made in Yugoslavia, and used a Yugo Mauser action. A gunsmith MAY be able to fit a commercial Mauser stock to your rifle, but I know of no ready source of parts for these. Sorry-

What is a herters rifle worth?

Depends entirely on who made it. Herter's did not make firearms other companies like Whitworth, BSA, etc. made them and branded them for Herter's

Where can you find parts for a Herters 22 revolver?

Herter's imported revolvers made by Sauer & Sohn in West Germany. Try http://www.e-gunparts.com for parts.

What is the Burn Rate of Herters 103 Rifle Powder?

From what I have found on other Internet forums, it's about the same as Reloader 7 or a bit slower than 4198.

Who made the Herters Guide model 22 pistol?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of ALL markings. Hereter's had various makers make the weapons they "branded" with their name.

What year is your herters recurve bow serial number S-621167013?

Chances are it's a 62" bow, made in November of 1967 and was the 13th of that model that year.

Where can I find a gun Stock for a Herters Model U9 300mag bolt action rifle?

Try e-gunparts.com, gun shows, gun shops, custom stock makers.

What is a Herters 22 revolver worth?

Herters was an importer headquartered in Minnesota from the early 1960's to 1979. The guns they imported were of good quality but strictly valued as shooters. I'd suggest you check one of the chain sporting goods stores like Dicks or Garts or Gander Mountain for the cheapest NEW .22 revolver and figure yours is worth about 2/3 as much if it is like new, 1/2 if worn but functional or nothing if it's rusted and broken.

What year was your gun made it is a herters 357 the serial number is h7736. let me know all about my gun?

Herter's was an importer. The weapon was made in Germany. No sn data published. 100-300 value.

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