Any tips for a 245 pound 10th grader with a year to get in shape to play football lineman?

as a coach the main thing to start doing is running and start a weight training schedule but running is the key Football is not about size. It is more about technique and atheltic ability. For your technique training, you should look for football camp. For you improve your atheltic ability you should hit the gym. Squats, deadlift, and bench press for strenght training. Short 10 yard sprints to improve your speed off the ball. Try to do 10 ten yard sprints, rest for five, and do ten more. Work more on the trenght training, because when you start playing you the coach will work on your endurnace and you will not have time to hit the weights anymore. If you want to get a college scholarship as a lineman, then the weights are really important. As a lineman all you can show coaches are how much weight you can put up, you want have the yards or TD's to show like running backs.