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Any tips for pregnant women visiting Walt Disney World?


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I have seem many pregnant women carry a chair/cane with them. You can find a small little stool that folds to a cane at the drug store and it can be a lifesaver in lines or parades. Don't feel ashamed using a 'cane'. Even when you can't open it to a seat you can lean and take the pressure off your feet. Being on your feet for 12 hours a day can be hard on a body already stressed by pregnancy. Visit a golf shop before you go, and pick up a seat attached to a cane. You will be the envy of everyone else in the queue. Many expectant mom�s swear by a support like the �Belly Bra.� If possible, stay at a Walt Disney World hotel so you can return for a mid-day nap while others continue to tour. Check with your physician before you go. Most rides are OK except rollercoasters (including Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and the Disney MGM Studio�s Rock �n Rollercoaster) and rides that include centrifical force (Splash Mountain, the Mad Tea Party.) All simulators are off limits because they include abrupt, unpredictable, jerky motion. (Ask if stationary seats are available). Epcot�s Body Wars, Test Track, the Tower of Terror and the Star Wars simulator are also off limits. All slides at water parks are off limits, but the wave pool and �Lazy River� are great ways to take the weight off your feet. You can experience Typhoon Lagoons Shark Reef if you wear an Extra Large vest. In general, Disney errs on the side of caution in posting warning sides for pregnant women. If you follow them, and make a point to eat right and get plenty of rest, you should have no problems.


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