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Any tips on changing the spark plugs on a Toyota where the plugs are down in the engine and the socket slips off the plug when pulling up?

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2015-07-15 21:47:48
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Forget all of the tape, wiggle, pliers, etc.... spend $1.00 and buy a spark plug socket with a rubber insert - see my info on this website regarding chaning plugs in a Toyota highlander.

There are some spark plug wrenches that have a rubber insert that holds them. Or there are tools that have a magnet on the end, or ones the have fingers that open up when you press in the handle that allows you to grab the plug.

Go to your local auto parts store and get a really long pair if needle nose pliars. Worked for me.

I put a small piece of duct tape on the tip of the socket extension and force it into the socket. Wiggle slightly to release from the plug and it stays on just fine, no needle nose required.

Best thing that i gound works is taking a piece of masking tap about 6 inches long and wraping it around the spark plug socket and the extension. Of course you need the wide 2 inch tape to do this.

How about just using the plug wire?

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The 2006 Toyota Tacoma V-6 engine spark plugs can be removed with a 5/8 deep well socket. Turn the socket to the left to remove the spark plugs.

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The diagnostics socket on a Toyota Corolla can be found inside the car. It is next to the hood release.

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By pulling on the blade cap and not by the cord.

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Changing the spark plugs on an 05 Nissan Sentra 1.8 begins with removing the plastic cover over the plugs, pulling the plug wires, and inserting a deep wall socket into each cylinder to remove the spark plugs. After each plug is removed, a replacement plug is placed into the socket wrench, and re-installed.

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