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yeah i do, email me at i will email it you so no one can get it!

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2009-04-09 21:48:08
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Q: Anyone have an old buildabearville account with a furry friend thast they don't want?
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Does anyone have buildabearville account with a furry friend and need your email address?

Someone giving away their account would be illegal. You have to buy a pet in order to get one.

Does anyone have an buildabear account with a furry friend?

Yep. ashleyfootballstar p/word is princess

How do you sell clothes for your pet on Build-a-Bearville?

You can sell items on buildabearville but not furry friend items.

Does anyone have a furry friend code?

you have to buy a furry friend to get the code

How can you take out your furry friend on buildabearville even if it isn't in your cub condo or gym or maxine's condo ect?

Great question! All you have to do is pull up your inventory. Next to the image of your buildabearville character is a dark blue button with a picture on it of a backpack, a bear head and some arrows. If you click on this your furry friend will come out of your back pack and walk around with you freely in buildabearville. I hope this helped you!

How do you delete a furry friend on Build-a-Bearville?

There is no way to delete your furry friend on Bearville. Once you register it onto your account, it's there forever. do you bring your furry friend to life?

you go to buildabearville go to log in and on the right it will have a not registered yet and you click it then chloe will walk you through it all

How do you get a free furryfrend in Build-a-Bearville in a day?

you cant get a free furry friend you have to go to the real life buildabearville store. and what do you mean in a day???? well bye

Any codes for a furry friend on buildabearville used once?

id number 0143820046754 key code 173112 i used it and it works so hope it helps!

Does anyone have a furry friend code on Build-a-Bearville?

no you have too buy a bear

How do you get a furry friend on Build-a-Bearville if you dont have a bear?

Sorry, but I am afraid you can only get a furry friend on buildabearville if you get a bear at your local Build A Bear Workshop store. However, you can still play without one, although you cannot get a house or visit any houses. Hope this helps.So Sorry .=A=

Can you give me a rich build a bearville account with a furry friend?

yes user:ravenallheart195 pass:scamp132

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