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its very simple. just follow the steps for the ps2 version and just do it with the xbox game. then put the new songs on your harddrive and when you play the game it will detect them. have fun.

Edit: Visit for tutorials.

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Is it possible to get custom songs on guitar hero aerosmith?

No but you can on world tour.

Can you play Rock Band songs on Guitar Hero?

No. Rock Band songs only work with Rock Band, and Guitar Hero songs only work with Guitar Hero.

Add songs to Guitar Hero aerosmith?

No.. You cannot add your own songs to Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Can you play Guitar Hero 3 songs on Guitar Hero world tour?

It depends if the Guitar Hero 3 songs were released as DLC on GH: World Tour. There is no way to directly import songs from Guitar Hero 3 onto World Tour.

What are Guitar Hero custom songs?

Custom songs are songs that Guitar Hero player across the world cerate in the Guitar hero studio. They make their own tunes and let others play and listen. Any one who has a Guitar Hero game with the studio in it can do it.

Can you add your own songs to guitar hero aerosmith?

No. The songs in guitar hero are specially arranged and recorded for that game.

Can you play Guitar Hero world tour songs on Guitar Hero 3?


Can Guitar Hero World Tour songs be played in Guitar Hero III?


Does Guitar Hero metalica have more songs than Guitar Hero 3?


How do you download Guitar Hero songs to Guitar Hero world tour?

for the wii, through the shop channel... but you can't download old guitar hero songs into world tour

How do get the see you in hell song on Guitar Hero 2 game?

you can download songs online and insert it to your guitar hero game. search how to download songs to guitar hero two.

How do you put custom songs on Guitar Hero 3 for 360?

It is possible, but I have only seen it on playstation

What is Guitar Hero 5?

Guitar Hero 5 is the fifth installment of the Guitar Hero Games. It contains many songs you can "play" with the guitar provided.

Can you download song for Guitar Hero on the wii?

Not on Guitar Hero 3, but you can download songs for all of the other Guitar Hero games.

How do you get songs for Guitar Hero world tour to Guitar Hero 5?

You need to import them

Which Guitar Hero has Michael Jackson songs on it?

Guitar Hero World tour "Beat It"

Can you get songs on Guitar Hero?


What are the titles of the songs in Guitar Hero 3?

You can find a full list of Guitar Hero 3 songs from the Related Links below.

Is it possible to customize songs on gh3 wii?

Unfortunatley Not. Why dont u just get guitar hero 4

Do Guitar Hero 3 download songs work on Guitar Hero world tour?

no.. not at this time

How do you put songs on Guitar Hero?

On guitar hero one it is "I Love Rock N' Roll"

Is there a way to have songs from Guitar Hero on tour on Guitar Hero on tour decades?

Only in Multiplayer.

How do you transfer songs from Guitar Hero on tour and Guitar Hero on tour decades?

I don't think you can.

Can you put custom songs on Guitar Hero metallica?

no you can not ONLY in guitar hero WORLD TOUR.

Guitar hero 5 how to put song on?

hot to put songs on guitar hero 5