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There was a club called the Quiet Knight on the corner of Belmont and Sheffield. I think it was a second story room that is now a tanning salon. I'm sure other people may know much more about this legendary Chicago venue, but I do know that it hosted early shows by Bruce Springsteen and Bob Marley.

It was the Quiet Knight on the second floor. We saw Logins and Meseena there in around 1972

If I'm not mistaken, The Quiet Knight was also located in Old Town on N.Wells during the 1960's.

Thanks to all who answered! The place on Wells was the Earl of Old Town I think.

The Quiet Knight at Belmont and Sheffield also was known as Tuts for a while in the 80s.

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Q: Anyone remember the name of a music club on Belmont Avenue in the late 70's?
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