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If you pay more than $150 per month for your utilities then you would be over paying. Usually when renting an apartment the utilities are included in the rent. I have an 1800 sqft house and it cost me about 300 for everything. (not including phone/cable/internet) If you are using electric heat, your electricity bill will be a bit higher. Expect to pay the following based on roughly 66% of what I pay based on your sq footage

Water/sewer ----$80 every 3 monthsElectricity-----$60 every monthGas-------$60 every month

KeVin Toronto

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Who owns a renter-occupied apartment?

The landlord owns the apartment.

Who owns a renter occupied apartment?

A Landlord

What is the difference between and apartment and a condominium?

Condominium is a form of real estate ownership. Apartment is a description of a living space that is occupied on a rental basis and is generally located within a building that is occupied by more than one household.

What is another word for accopied?

Did you mean occupied? To occupy something means to reside within it or be in use of it. For example an occupied bathroom stall means that someone is using that stall; an occupied apartment means someone lives there. Other words for occupied are inhabited, populated, or lived in.

Who owns a renter -occupied apartment?

The owner of the real estate owns the apartment. You can check to determine the owner by doing some research in the local land records or the tax assessor's office.

Approximately how much would utilities cost in an 1130 square-foot Lubbock TX apartment occupied by only two people?

You can contact your local utility companies for the history of the costs of the monthly utilities. Of course, it also depends on your usage such as refrigerators, computers, other electronics, space heaters, freezers, air conditioner etc. Space heaters use a lot of electricity as does a refrigerator that is incorrectly set at to low of a temperature. Refrigerators are constantly running as are other electric dependent items that have status lights etc. If your home is drafty, you loose valuable heat in the winter and valuable cool air in the Summer. This can cause your appliances to work harder.

What does the word occupies mean?

It means someone or something that is taking up space in a designated spot. So if you lived in an apartment, you are said to be occupying the apartment. Or if you have a seat reserved at a restaurant, a sign saying 'Occupied' can be placed on the table to indicate it is waiting for you.

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Can your landlord declare your apartment abandoned when its not?

Yes, if it appears that the apartment is abandoned. The general rule is that if your apartment is not occupied for at least 15 days after the rent is past due, then the landlord can reclaim it without taking any legal actions. But there must be evidence that the apartment is abandoned, such as it being empty of any furniture, and that there is no electricity running on electricity is turned off in your name. This is not legally required, but it is a good idea for you to let your landlord know that you will be away from your apartment for the specific number of days you tell him, and you do this by writing.

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23 + 34 = 1234 this is so true

Commercial Building Inspection?

form_title=Commercial Building Inspection form_header=9383 Are the utilities turned on now?*= () Yes () No () Don't Know Is this building occupied at present?*= () Yes () No Does this inspection involve a real estate sale or closing process?*= () Yes () No

How is a condominium different from an apartment?

A condominium unit is owned in fee. The owner owns the unit in a multiple unit complex and a percentage of all the common areas in the complex. It may be owner occupied or offered for rent.An apartment is a rental unit in a multiple unit building that has a single owner.

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Type your answer here... 1000

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