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This is a meaningless question, as it relies on data that you have not supplied, such as what type of car...

A brand new Honda Insight Gas-Electric-Hybrid will cost *far* less to travel 833 miles than a 1969 Cadillac Sedan Deville with carburettor problems and fouled sparkplugs, underinflated tires and an air filter that hasn't been changed in 22 years.

The Honda would need about 17 gallons of fuel. the Beater Caddy would conversely need something closer to 104 gallons.

You'll need to figure out what an average fuel cost is in your travelling area at this time, as the price can fluctuate greatly over time and distance.

Last reply was correct. But lets talk averages. At an average fuel mileage rate of 25mpg, you will need to buy approximately 33 gallons of fuel for the 833 miles you intend to drive. The average price of gas currently in the U.S. is $1.69. So, lets see. $1.69 X 33 = about $58.



833/25mpg=33.32*$2 a gallon

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Q: Approximately what would be the cost for car gas to travel round trip of 833 miles?
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