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Q: Are books transparent, translucent, or opaque?
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Related questions

Is aluminum foil transparent translucent or opaque?

Aluminum foil is opaque.

Is tin foil Translucent Transparent opaque?

Is tin foil Translucent,opaque, translucent

Is diamond opaque translucent or transparent?

A diamond crystal can occur in opaque, translucent, and transparent form.

What are examples of transparent translucent and opaque materials?

Give three examples of opaque,transparent and translucent.

Is cellophane opaque translucent or transparent?


Is a car opaque transparent or translucent?


Is the iris transparent translucent or opaque?


Is red cellophane transparent opaque or translucent?


What is a brick wall translucent transparent and opaque?


Is diamond a transparent translucent or opaque?

Raw diamonds can be transparent, translucent or opaque, depending on their clarity. Gem-quality diamonds are transparent.

Is forsted glass a transparent translucent or opaque?


Is cellophane sheet transparent translucent or opaque?


Is wax paper transparent translucent or opaque?

it is translucent

Is paper towel opaque transparent or translucent?

its translucent

Is a metal shutter transparent translucent or opaque?


Is velvet opaque translucent or transparent?

It is opaque

Is Mercury transparent or translucent or opaque?

mercury is opaque

A photo frame is transparent,translucent or opaque?


Is nitrogen transparent translucent or opaque?

its transparent as a gas but is translucent as a liquid if you can see it.

Is Perspex for a window transparent translucent or opaque?


Is construction paper transparent translucent or opaque?


Is a mirrors surface translucent transparent or opaque?


Is red cellophane transparent translucent or opaque?

Its transparent to red light, translucent to other colors.

What difference between transparent translucent and opaque?

transparent is see through opaque is not and translucent is in the middle

Is mirror a transparent translucent or opaque?

a mirror is translucent even though it looks transparent.

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