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Red Hat Enterprise Linux uses a generic kernel that will run on any relatively modern x86 processor, including those from Intel, AMD, VIA, and Transmeta.

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Q: Are AMD processors supported in Red Hat Enterprise Linux?
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Which processor is used in Linux for desktops?

Linux can be run on a variety of processors, including several that have been used for desktop systems. The most notable would be Intel and AMD x86 processors, as well as PowerPC processors (used in older Macs. ) Other processors used in desktop systems now or in the past and supported by Linux include Motorola 68k processors, Alpha processors, MIPS processors, and ARM processors.

Can Linux work with Intel processors but not with AMD?

Linux fully supports both Intel and AMD processors. The kernel can be compiled so that it is optimized for a particular processor subarchitecture and exclude processor quirks workarounds, but there is no configuration option for outright blacklisting a CPU manufacturer.

What is better then AMD or Intel processors?

Intel tends to make better processors than AMD.

What processors are supported by socket LGA 775?

LGA 775 processors are supported by LGS 775 sockets. Most, if not all, Intel processors are LGA 775, and almost no, if any, AMD processors are LGA 775. At look up your processor and check the specifications to see what socket type it is.

What processors is the amd sb710 southbridge chipset used in a?

It works with Embedded AMD Athlon Single and Dual Processors, Quad-Core AMD Phenom Processors, and AMD ASB1 Processors based on COM Express Reference Design and Mini-ITX Reference Design.

Where can a person purchase an AMD processor?

AMD processors are sold by a number of retailers. Best Buy is a good place to purchase AMD processors as is Amazon and ebay have a variety of new and used processors.

Which is best AMD or INTEL computer PROCESSORS?

AMD or Intel are both good computer processors depending on your needs.

Which Linux distro supports the highest processing speed?

The Linux kernel supports up to the latest Intel and AMD processors, as well as some other architectures. As such, most programs should run about the same on all of them.

What types of processors are available in laptops?

There are many different types of processors which are available in laptops such as the following processors: AMD A6-3670K and the AMD A6-3500 APU processor.

Why do Amd processors run hotter than Intels processors?

Typically AMD processors are known to run much cooler than Intel processors. The reason for this is based on the processing architecture of the processor. AMD processors are typically much more efficient with respect to performance per watt than Intel processors, and therefore typically are much cooler.

What are 2 types of computer systems and what type of processor do they have?

Linux and windows are two types of operating systems.. And Intel and AMD Make two different types of processors.

Is the AMD Athlon 64 a dual-core processor?

No. However, processors labeled "AMD Athlon 64 X2" aredual-core processors.

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