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Are Americans too dependent on technology?


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I'm Canadian and say yes we are too dependent on technology. I like to mix the old with the new. This may sound silly to you, but I don't own a dishwasher and never wanted one. The old way is great and it takes seconds and reserves water (which is already on the top of the list between the U.S. and Canada.) I may use an old bike where I have to pedal harder than the 12-speed I own because it makes my muscles sit up and take notice. LOL I don't sit in front of the TV and gawk at it for hours, and I use my time on the computer within limitations and spend more time with my spouse and friends and well as do my artwork. I am not a pill-popper and believe that sometimes it's wiser to try to work things out naturally (we can't always do that of course and thank God for some medications.) I don't own a cell phone, but my husband has one and if I go out at night alone in the car I take it along, but only for emergency purposes. If I want to contact someone I try the good old telephone and if I can't reach them then I will email them. If someone does a good deed for me or I just love 'em and miss 'em then I will ACTUALLY mail a card or letter to them the good old fashioned way. In other words, I like to work a little harder and not end up a lump that appears to have had a lobotomy because of the easy way technology has led us in. Technology certainly has it's perks, but, I'm careful with it and believe in using my brain instead of letting machines do my thinking for me, or pills to keep me going.


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Yes. Material items include food, clothing, shelter and healthcare. Americans, just like any other nations or individuals are dependent on such items for survival. It is sometimes said that Americans are dependent on material items with a connotation that they are "too" dependent on such items. Whether or not Americans are "too" materialistic is a subjective feeling, and open to debate for anyone alike.

I'M not very dependent on technology very much. sure im on the computer now, but that's cus im at the library. i use technology for running water. i don't watch TV, cus it rots ur brain. but i do like movies. ppl 2day r 2 dependent on technology. its kinda sad, no it IS sad. r poor earth...

It is because the world is dependent on it. Like you, For example you are using technology to find the answer.

He felt that the prosperity of all Americans was dependent on the prosperity of business.

People became so dependent with science and technology.

50-60% of Americans uses technology today.

Some older Americans believe that the new transportation was too advanced and too fast, so they feared it as they feared much of new technology.

Because the government is slowly using it to take over the minds of all young people. This answer is paranoid conspiracy theory.

Many modern people are dependent on technology. You don't have to be a geek or nerd or technophile. Banking, cell phones, credit cards, and any tools are technology in some form.

Without Science, there would be no technology; without technology, we can not use Science.

Sometimes depends what type of technology it is.

How many Americans are alive today? Try to find the answer on Wikipedia. That's how many Americans use technology today -- all of them that are alive.

Your question is 'are you'. Do you mean are 'we' dependent upon technology?' philosophically as in' the world'? Yes, when Paleolithic Man picked up his first rock and identified a use for it, we've been dependent since that moment.

Contemporary Society is very dependent on Science and Technology, so it is hardly an impediment

Yes Brazil use the same technology Americans use, but they use in some different way.

because some old American people believe that the new transportation was too advance and too fast, so they feared it, they feared new technology.

I would certainly say that students are dependent on Technology. Students use it all the time they use; Phone, ipods,Iphones, Mp3 players, Computer, Nintendo DS, PSP and all other hand held game devices. In fact they can be using more than one at a time. I would say that students are actually most dependent on Modern Technology.

yes every latest technology is dependent upon the previous lets took an example of you mom and dad and then you ? firstly we have to build a sketch of a thing which we look near or some where or similar to that oh that a few year ago you saw? right it could be any hope you satisfy from really latest technology is dependent upon the previous one

Technology helps people's work became easier but the disadvantage also is that people became so dependent with it.

A "dependent" who supports themselves isn't really your dependent, and therefore can't be claimed as one.

Technology is being used everyday. A thumbtack is technology. A spoon is one too. Even your finger is technology.

The technology uses science to solve problems. Without science, no technology is possible. Scientific knowledge helps in making new technologies and advancements. Thus, technology is completely dependent upon science.

We have all become so dependent that a life without science and technology would seem more like a nightmare.

yes society can stand alone and self dependent but without technology there will be no improvement in productivity as technology gives a fillip to the society productivity

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