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"Finished product is not tested on animals" means that they did not test their FINISHED product on animals. However, Bath and Body Works obtains most of their products or product ingredients from third-party companies (that is, companies that are not owned or operated by Bath and Body Works). Bath and Body Works has NOT received statements from these companies that they do not test the product ingredients on animals. This is why they use the term "finished product" - it's a way to make the reader think that they are really saying their products do not involve animal testing at all. If you want to be certain that animals were not involved in the product's making, look for products that have the little bunny that means CRUELTY FREE. These products are certified as not having had their ingredients or finished products tested on animals and that none of their ingredients are derived from animals. Beware of sellers that use the caption "Cruelty Free" and state their ingredients are not derived from animals -- that does NOT mean that they did not test on animals; it only means that they did not take something from the animal (oils, etc.) and use it as an ingredient.


"...look for products that have the little bunny that means CRUELTY FREE."


2012-04-21 05:52:10
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Q: Are Bath and Body Works products tested on animals the bottle states 'Finished product is not tested on animals'?
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